Monday, September 21, 2015

Farmhouse Kitchen

It may have taken me a year, but I have finally started to put my focus on the kitchen.
Like the rest of the house, I am trying to stay with it's true farmhouse style.

A soft and simple white room.
Keeping in mind, in real life this room is small, so keeping it bright and airy is the plan.

I started with the curtains.
I have had my eye on these prairie style curtains for a while.
Keeping with the simple airy room, I wanted a punch of colour.
Wanted something that would contribute to the mood of this room,
and at the same time did not block my view from the window.  And it's a beautiful view I might add. :)

After getting some excellent suggestions and recommendations from my friends on Facebook,
 I came away with a few ideas to finish this pretty little room.
Let's have a look.

Change out the hardware.


Shelving for the wall left of the window.
I am liking these brackets from Hobby Lobby.  Would use some of my barnboard for the shelves.

Replace the backsplash.  Currently it is white ceramic with blue flowers.
Looking at something soft, with a hint of neutral hues.

Replace the ceiling fixture.
Like this industrial barn style look.

Add a light colour braided oval area rug.

Can't wait to see this room develop. 

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  1. those are some great choices Diane, I especially love that cabinet hardware! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. Wonderful choices. We are in the slow process of an entire house refresh. Just redid the breakfast nook and now the kitchen is the focus.
    I am now anxiously awaiting your changes.

  3. Lovely choices. Where is the tile from?

  4. I think it has a charming appeal to it bare bones and all... I can't wait to see how you dress it up and make it shine!

  5. HURRY, HURRY....i can't wait to see it♥♥

  6. Wow those items will make a beautiful addition to your room....

  7. I love your plans for the kitchen Diane. Can't wait to see the changes you make.