Sunday, September 20, 2015

Barn for Sale

What to buy an old barn?
Vintage weathered barn boards, beams, tin roof. Asking $5000.
You dissemble, clean up and take away.

After a few months of trying to sell it locally, I am giving my blog a shout out.
Why not, give it a shot!

The old barn I have on the back section of my property is ready to fall.
I would like to sell it before it does that.
I tried my local Kijiji (Craigslist), but have not been getting much response or low-ball offers.
Sold it at one point, but then they changed their minds.

If you are out-of-town and would have to travel here (Canada or United States),
no worries I can arrange lodging.
You can bring your own equipment or machinery to take the barn down.
Or, we do have local businesses that rent out heavy equipment, I can get that info for you.

Here are a few things in the farmhouse made from the barn board.

Coat racks, and in pic below, a place to put our helmets.

Road side sign.

 If you're interested,
email at


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  1. Oh man I would love all that barnboard for craft signs but I just don't have the room to put it all.
    Haven't been by here in a while. Nice to see you have found a place you love.