Sunday, August 2, 2015

Creating A Farmhouse Style

When I bought my vintage farmhouse last Fall, I knew I wanted to keep the integrity of it's style.
Country, farmhouse, vintage, calm, cozy, soft, family.
So I went about creating this look.  And like any home decor, it took time, research, patience.
Here is my thought process.

Let's start with the living room.
I started with the curtains and went from there.

The windows.  The farmhouse has classic tall regal windows.
I wanted curtains to be practical for privacy in the evening, and at the same time create a farmhouse style.
Together with a classy look, after all a lady lives in this house, my children are young adults and live away at school.
I think I got the look bang on!

I knew from the get go I wanted black check curtains.  Once they arrived I started with the next step, what to sit on.
After much research, both online and visiting various furniture stores and comparing prices,
I ended up ordering the sofa and loveseat from IKEA.

Then all the farmhouse touches started to fall into place.
Lamps, tables, coffee table, curio cabinet.
Galvanized, wicker, wire baskets, various containers for flowers, throw pillows,
 all staying uniform to the look I wanted.
I kept with this theme throughout the house.
 And as you can see, I like the layered look.

Keep it simple.  Easier said then done.  I am constantly adding then taking away.
Too much just doesn't have that look and feel.  So I keep it to a minimum.

 Sometimes this is a problem for me because you fall in love with something,
want to add it to the house but it just doesn't jive.

When I moved into my home, the walls were all white.
I liked this look, it seems to fit my farmhouse quite well.
I don't think I would go with any other hue.
Although in the master bedroom I painted the walls grey, I have yet to do a reveal of this room.

I think the blended combination of classic white and splashes of warm colours, created the look I wanted.
When you think farmhouse you think of generations of families living there.
Comfort, longevity and familiarity.

Like so many of us out there, I am a throw pillow addict!
Sometimes it takes me forever to find just the look I want for this room, for the mood of this room.
I also look for seasonal pillows, celebration pillows, holiday pillows, etc, etc.

To me, farm life = animals therefore farmhouse style = animal art and such.
We are a horsey family, so it was incorporated into my decor.

I also now raise chickens, so slowly this is starting to creep up into my decor as well.

When it came to designing my dining room, I wanted farmhouse style, but also a bit formal, a combination of a lot of styles really.
What is it about dining rooms, I find it is the first room that gets done.  Maybe they are just easier to create?

This is what I started with.

I sat with it for a few months then decided I wanted something bright in that room.
So the chairs got painted.
The area rug I already had, it is nice that it has the white swirled in.

Then a few more vintage pieces of furniture were added.  At this time I think they will stay their authentic colour.

 Even with a brand new modern bathroom, I still try to keep it farmhouse as well.
Adding galvanized and wicker.  Old and new.  The shower curtain is a soft simple colour and fabric.
I added a little bit of vintage, art work, along with some family photos. 

Keeping it cozy and comfortable.
When you think farmhouse style, first thing that comes to mind is calm, peaceful, cozy and family.

For a complete tour of my home, including a source list click here.

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  1. You have accomplished so much, but nothing looks hurried. What a calm and friendly feeling and it has a lovely flow, well done! I have the same IKEA sofa, and bought an extra set of covers and dyed them red! They look wonderful during the holidays, so easy did them in the washing machine! Might try another splash of color as well, yippee who knows! Your home will be so pretty as the seasons change too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your looks so comfortable and cozy. The curtains in living room are great.

  3. You did indeed ail it and the equestrian prints - are they yours? I love them!

  4. That bathroom sink is awesome - Your style is spot on love it all - especially your accent pieces.
    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  5. You have done a beautiful job creating a Farmhouse Style home. It looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  6. Your home is beautiful. I love the curtins. And I love the horse paintings. I have yet to get a 'big' one. On my list. We'll be getting a new sofa this year. How are you enjoying your IKEA one. We are really hard on our furniture. Was wondering how well they how up.
    Thanks again for sharing. Have a great weekend.