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Blogger Home Tour - Hunt & Host

It has been a while since I last featured a home,
but I am back today with a beautiful home for us to snoop, I mean tour. :)
Welcome to my Blogger Home Series, featuring some of the fines homes in Blogland.


A lot of love, detail and attention went into decorating this home, meet Kim's who blogs at Hunt and Host
I just came across her blog this week and so glad to be following this creative home decorator.
I am only to happy to share this sweet home, love every room and how each flow together beautifully.

Let's get started, this tour is directly from her Home Tour page from her website.
All the wording is her own.

Living Room

When we moved into this house my husband said, “I bet we never use this room.”
 He didn’t think the room would ever feel comfortable because it was big and seems kind of removed from the rest of our living spaces.
Coulter before_2933
He should know better. We’ve been married a while.
I took that as a full on challenge. My goal quickly became – make this room a cozy, comfy, swallow you up, men like to hang our here but it’s still a feminine, functional and unique living space that would be used daily.
den living room makeover
Whatever your opinion may be of the d├ęcor, I can tell you for our family, especially the hubs…goal accomplished.
Originally when you walked in the front door it was like waking into a cave. There was a slim entryway with a coat closet. The walls towered over you and crowded your space. We knocked out the coat closet wall to open up the room.
den living room makeover
I eventually added a wall of bookshelves. I like books. Especially old ones. I might have a book hoarding problem.
den living room before and afterThe room is large and serves as a living room and office. It can be awkward to decorate a space of this shape and size. I definitely went through multiple layouts before settling on the current form.
Which could change tomorrow.
You never know.
The wall of windows are beautiful but added to the challenge.
den living room decorationThe thing I love about this space is all the stuff. It is layers of things I love, that speak to me and have meaning. Like the deer, cotton or the giant pinecone.
den living room decoration
Almost everything in this room brings to mind a thrifting adventure, alesson from God or memory of a loved one gone. That’s how I think all homes should be.
Full of all the things that bring you joy.
den living room decoration
While we don’t need to be caught up in worldly belongings, I believe it is ok to love the home you have. You know…enjoy the view you are blessed to have.
den living room decoration
 Oh – and if you are ever looking for my husband, you can find him snugged up on the couch in “his” room.
Every day. :)
den living room makeoverden living room makeover

 The Den

hunt and host home tour den
One thing I have always had on my radar since having children is two living areas. It is so nice to have separate spaces if possible. I like the kids to have a place they can gather together, that is their own. Why? Not because I don’t want to hang with my kids. We spend many an evening cuddled up in the den watching movies. More because they are rough on stuff. I don’t have much in my house that is off limits or not kid friendly…but still my little people can do a number on some furniture. It just happens over time. So I like that my husband and I have a space that is not quite as annihilated as theirs. And smells better.
This is their room. It is right off the kitchen so we are usually all close together since we hang out in the kitchen so much.
hunt and host home tour den
This is the view when you walk in from the kitchen. We opened up the doorway into this room. It was a regular size door opening when we bought the house and it just felt cramped.
hunt and host home tour denThis bank of built ins houses all the kids things…hidden away but easy to reach. All their electronics and art supplies. The coat closet has been made into the backpack/school stuff closet. There were originally shutters over all the openings. They were broken and very busy so we just had cabinet doors made. It is an inexpensive way to give cabinetry a facelift. Some of my favorite treasures are tucked in these bookshelves.
hunt and host home tour denhunt and host home tour denPart of my Stetson hat box collection. An old drawing my uncle did of me as a young girl. A picture of my mom with her siblings and mother as a child. I’m also a scrapbooker and those are just a few of my scrapbooks in the shelves. My kids love pulling them down and pouring through them.
hunt and host home tour denThis area makes me happy. It is a collection of junkin finds from the years. The chair was my great grandmothers. The table from a junk store. The wreath from round top. The picture is really a framed tea towel I got for $2 at a thrift store. Another Stetson.
hunt and host home tour denWe have two fireplaces in the house. This one and one in the master. The tile floor is original and we were able to save by keeping it. Plus I love it. The dog is another of my collection items. I love carnival chalkware, specifically dogs.
hunt and host home tour denThe view back to the kitchen.
hunt and host home tour denOut this wall of windows that run across the back of the room is a view of the back yard and pool. Easy access for the kids to run and play. And leave the door wide open…
hunt and host home tour denIn this picture you can see the original doors that lead to the other living area in the house. They are amazing. So glad we were able to keep them. Overall this room needed the least amount of love during the remodel. It had so much goodness going on all on it’s own! 
The Master Bath
I think part of the reason this house was on the market so long before we bought it was the master bath. It was a deal breaker.
master bathroom
Tiny, cramped, a weird shade of pink with carpet from the 70’s.
master bathroom
In the bathroom.
Around the toilet.
I mean, gross.
master bathroom
I’m not gonna lie. It took some creative thinking to work this one out.
master bathroom
One of the most amazing surprise treasures in the house was the brick wall we exposed once demo began. Doesn’t it add an amazing texture to the room?
master bathroom
master bathroom
The countertops had been remodeled and I actually loved them and the sweet little sink in them. We re-did so much of the house, that for budget reasons, it helped to have salvageable cabinets and countertops in at least one room.
master bathroom
However, that meant we had to work with a semi pre-determined layout to our new master bathroom.
master bathroom
master bathroom
In order to get a bathroom you could actually walk in we had to eliminate a closet. That means creating a new place for a closet, cause you have to have one!
We came up with a creative solution that works for us and built out a new closet and dressing area. We added a coffee bar and sitting area as a place for quiet time.
It is amazing.  I hide here often.
The bedroom part of this room is a work in progress and I will have to share it later. It is kind of my decorating nemesis at the moment.
Hope this inspires you to tackle something that seems tough today!
coffee bar master bathroom

Thank you so much Kim for sharing your home with us today!

I have just featured some of the rooms, you can finish the tour over at her blog.
Each room is amazing.
While you're there say hello!

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