Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Floral Stroll

Last week I was in the mood for fresh flowers.
The farmhouse was feeling a little neglected, so I drove out to the grocery store and bought some pretties.

The living room got a large bouquet, bought two floral bundles $5 each at Food Basics, then placed them together.
Turned out gorgeous, looks like I spent big bucks. 

Funny how the day started off for me.  I was in need of some simple staples, milk and laundry detergent.
Getting ready to leave for the store I glanced in my living room and saw everything empty.
Empty vases and pitchers, empty spaces, the whole house all of a sudden felt empty.

And I knew what it needed - fresh flowers would breath some loveliness back into the place.
So I added one more thing to the list - flowers.  And when I was at the store, went a little flower crazy.

The dining room.
These flowers I bought at a different grocery store, Canadian Superstore.
Don't shop there often, but do like their floral department.
Paid $8 for this bundle of coral carnations.

Split up the bundle and put one in a glass vase and the other in a galvanized pitcher I bought at Canadian Tire.
I arranged them in a wire basket I found at Target in Port Huron, MI.
The grain sack style table runner is actually a tea towel from Winners.
And lastly added some twiggy touches.

The bathroom didn't get overlooked either.
It was on round two that I bought the flowers for the washroom.
Yes I made a special trip back into town to get these flowers.

I loved the deal and the arrangement in the living room,
so went back to the same store again and picked up another bundle for this room.
Worth every penny I spent on fuel.

One of the things I love about my home, it is always sunny and bright.
It's a happy house.
And all is well with my soul, amazing what $5 can do.

Sometimes....all you need are flowers. :)

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  1. Lovely post! My cat eats any fresh flowers in the house so I can't have any, it is so upsetting :(

  2. There's nothing like fresh flowers is there....they sure do perk up a room. And a good price too.

  3. Love your blog and your flowers!

  4. Everyone should go a little flower crazy every once in a while - they all look so pretty and cheerful!

  5. love, love the pretty flowers.....your house looks happy!!!

  6. Looks great Diane! Nothing like flowers to brighten your day...enjoy!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG