Monday, August 10, 2015

127 Yard Sale - World's Longest Yard Sale

When I first stumbled on information about this massive garage sale, I was very excited about the prospect of going.
It takes place every August, stretching 670 miles from Addison, Mi to Gadsden, AL.
I went.  I had a blast.  I will be going next year.
 Have a look at some of the treasures I got.
Stay tuned for feature posts with where they ended up in my home and any changes I made to them.
I see several paint projects in store for me.
 So we jumped in the Jeep, headed across the Boarder, and had a strict budget of $430 Canadian.
Tagging along was son Coleman...bless his heart.
He did score a few things for his own apartment, so I know that he appreciated some of the deals.
He also got a few vintage albums, which he has been collecting for a while.
He did the bulk of the driving while I ran in and out to the various sales.

With a budget of what I had, I wanted to do three days, but only ended up doing two.
It included my spending money, hotel, fuel, tolls and food.
I had $100 dollars cash for shopping (approx $135CDN),
the hotel, Best Western in Richmond, Indiana, was $150, fuel and food $100.
I did manage to come home with some of that budget.

I started in Addison, Michigan and finished in Ohio, just before Cincinnati.

 Let's check out the goods.....

I was very excited when I came across this beautiful matching transferware wash bin and bowl for $20.
I snatched it up immediately!

So beautiful, graceful.

Bought this little stepping stool, $5.  Not sure why, but I just liked it.

I figured I will find some sort of use for it.
Kinda cute, don't you think. :)

The thing about garage sales - you see something you like, but don't always know what you will do with it.
With me, I buy it and figure that out later.  Of course, only if it is priced reasonable.

I think this vintage magazine rack $5, was priced just right.  Can't wait to get a paint brush to it.

If it is one thing I love, it is art work.

This Mennonite/Amish scene was nostalgic for me as I grew up in Mennonite country.
 Got it for $7.

Thought this cute First Christmas original oil was just too sweet to pass, was only glad to hand over my $3.

A pretty little seascape painting $1.25.
It will get tucked away in with my "someday winter condo in the south, near the sea" stash.

A lovely vintage soup tureen $1.

And some furniture that will be seeing the paint brush very soon.

This sweet side table I picked up $3, for the small bedroom that I am currently renovating.
Still not sure what colour I am going with, will wait to see how that rooms falls together.
Interesting story behind this piece.  This was the last item I bought before I headed home.

My son and I were out walking about in a small town, going from home to home.
I saw this sweet table, asked if he wanted it for his apartment, he said no.
Asked if he thinks his sister would want it, he wasn't sure.  I wasn't sure either.
And I couldn't think of anywhere in the farmhouse it could go.
We got in our car and started heading North.  Just as we were leaving said small town, I did a U turn.
I thought that table perfect as a table for a night lamp in the small room I was renovating back home.
Luckily it was still there.  And home to the farmhouse it came.

Bought this small shelf for $1.

This coffee table I bought for daughter Rachel and her new condo.
She has 5 stories.  I knew right away which room this would go in.

On the floor level of the condo, leading out to the backyard is her sweet little garden.
This is my favourite room.  When I visit I will often sit in that room and overlook the flowers.
She has an old set of leather sofa and love seat in there now, I was thinking this could get painted a distressed black or grey.
I emailed her a pic and she loves it. :)

What I saw along the way.

I will say that I loved this highway 127 route.  It was beautiful farming country.
And you know me, I am a country girl, so I enjoyed the pretty scenery.
And the corn.  Not sure I have seen so much corn growing in the fields as I did along this stretch of Ohio.  Very impressive.

This home along the way had an indoor garage sale.  It was all antiques and vintage.
Their prices were a little over my budget, but I did enjoy their beautiful home.

She's a beauty.  Stunning actually.

I saw this cute white clapboard home the first day we were on route.  Beautiful gardens.
But she was not having a sale.
However, when I returned the opposite way the next day, she was.
I quick pulled over, went to check out her sale and took a few pics.

I could live here. :)

And on our last day, my son and I had lunch on the shore of this beach.
An excellent place to chill and get rested up.

This being my first shot at the 127 Yard Sale, it was impressive.
Garage sale after garage sale.

I am happy and pleased with all the treasures I picked up in those two days.
However, there were times we would go for miles without finding any good items or prices.
I did find the prices a tad high for garage sailing.  That surprised me a bit.
I was expecting low ball prices, prices you normally see at garage sale, people just wanting to get rid of their stuff prices.
But found most items were priced at Value Village prices - their prices are always over the top.
However every once in a while you come across a house that is doing just that - getting rid of stuff for cheap.
Those one's we tended to buy more at.

Having said all that, there were items I bought that were well worth the price.
There were also unique and rare pieces that were worth the higher prices, if you are in the market. 
 Antiques and such, there were out there and lots of them.
There was one piece of antique art work that I regret not buying, it was of horses.
But it would have blown my budget.  Note to self, next year more mula.
Coulda, shoulda, but didn't. :(

Would I go next year - most definitely, all four days I will be aiming for.
Loved the thrill of a good buy, loved the road trip.

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  1. Oh my!! What a great time you had and what great items you got. My favourite has to be the soup tureen. It is so pretty and for only a dollar!! Too bad about the sales that had too high prices. I find that too, that some are out to make money while others just want to get rid of extra stuff. Have fun finding places for your new things.

  2. Sounds and looks like a great adventure was had by all!
    Love all your finds!

  3. You found some great buys at this amazing yard sale Diane. That would be a lot of fun. There is a similar one in PEI every year too but I've never gone.

  4. That looks like a good, fun time! LOVE that little house :)