Monday, July 13, 2015

On The Road Again

We will be hitting the road again, leaving Tuesday July 14 and returning on the 24th.

 Heading to Saint John, New Brunswick.
I have an Aunt who went into a nursing home last winter and I want to spend sometime with her.

We will travel via 401 through Ontario, pass through Montreal, Quebec
and stay overnight in Saint Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec. 
From there we cross the boarder into Maine, travelling straight to Saint John. 

Last winter I road-tripped with my daughter, this summer it is now my son's turn.
He has requested to visit New York City again on our way home.
If we go this route, we will leave Saint John and head south west along the coastal US Route 1.

Then leave the Big Apple and head home.
A ten day road-trip.

Here's hoping I get to spend a little bit of time at the beach. :)

Will be posting on Facebook as I go....see you from the road!

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  1. congrats travels!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. Holy cow! You must have fun on road trips. I sometimes think it's fun but with kids...uhmmm - not so much. Have fun in New England - I miss that beautiful place. I hope you get some good time with your aunt, too. Be safe!

  3. I love New York City
    I have a friend on Long Island who has lived there all
    her life and she has taken me to the best places in the city and
    the Island