Thursday, May 21, 2015

May on the Farm

This Spring, I am enjoying the kaleidoscope of colour, plants and flowers coming to life after a long winter.
The scenery keeps changing week after week.

Let's take a walk around the property for this month of May.

 In this photo below, I took it earlier this month.

And a few weeks later.....

 Life is starting to get busy for me these days.
I have a small business renting linens, and wedding season is underway.
This and simply running a small farm is making for a full life.

I rise in the morning at 6am and hit the pillow, exhausted at 10pm.
But I wouldn't change it for the world.

I took this pic below a few weeks after the one above.  Same garden, a few weeks later and facing the opposite way.

Any day now these peonies will be showing off their beauty.  Can't wait.

And the abandon garden I discovered several weeks ago, is abandon no longer.
It is now a sea of lush green, just waiting to have their turn to shine.
Most of the plants in there I have no idea what they are, will be interesting when they finally do bloom.

Ignore the grass around the trees in the pic above, my weed wacker broke....always something going on, on this little farm of mine.
Also ignore the red container in the garden....I was doing a little experiment.  Now I have to wait for my son to move it, it's a tad heavy for me to carry.
And also ignore the part cut and un-cut grass in the background of the pic below.
I was mowing the grass, got tired and took a break, and didn't realize it till I took the pic....again, always something going on, on this little farm of mine.
Keeping it real people, keeping it real! lol

But aren't they coming along beautifully. :)

  The hens are enjoying the spring weather, from being cooped up all winter in the hen house.
You will notice behind the chickens is some tall grass.
My son and I have been slowly cutting a bit each day with the lawn mower.  Since this picture was taken, it has really come along.
The company that I hired to cut my grass for the summer does not want to cut this section.
I am saving my money for a new riding lawn tractor, save some money in the long run from hiring someone to do it.

 One of my goal this spring was to de-clutter a section of the backyard.
Clear away the picnic table, sandbox, clothesline and the old well house.
So far, the picnic table has been sold.
And I'm loving the look already.  I might seed where the table was or start a perennial garden there.

And the lilac trees....heavenly.  I have two on the property.

 One by the garage in the backyard.

And the other is at the front of the property, outside the dining room window.

I will admit, taking care of a two acre property can be challenging for this single woman.
My son helps me with the heavy stuff, and cuts the grass.
I still like to cut small sections of the property for the exercise.

Each day I focus on one garden, whether it is small or large and do about an hour's work on it.
I de-weed it, add fertilizer, add some topsoil if it needs it, and place down cedar mulch for the final look.
It is a lot of work yes, and it exhausts me yes, but in the end I am so pleased.
I pat myself on the back for it looks beautiful.  Then I walk around the property, take it all in.

At the end of the day, I pluck myself down on my swing and enjoy the view.

Someday I will stain this deck, but today is not that day.

From my swing, this is what I see.
Like I mentioned above, I will be working on that area where the picnic table was, just not today.
Yes, nothing has come of the section of the barn that collapsed earlier in the spring.
I have asked a few barn repair companies to have a look....nope is the only answer I am getting so far.
Someday I will aggressively get onto that, but today is not that day.

Inside the farmhouse, not much is going on.
Been putting all my focus and energy into the outside.
But I do have fresh flowers in each room, something I never use to do, but am doing it now and loving it. 
I remember I use to have a book featuring Elton John's English manor, he had fresh flowers in each room.
At the time I use to thing this was a wonderful idea, and dreamed that one day I would do the same.
Well....maybe not have an English manor, way way out of out this girl's price range, but you get the general gist.
The book said he spent thousands of dollars on the flowers.
He can afford it, I can't, however I get good deals at my local grocery store.  Same effect!

The other day I posted on Facebook that it wasn't like me to have an empty pitcher.
To date I still have not put flowers in it.
I took this image with my new iPhone.

Indeed each room is enjoying fresh flowers....well, maybe not the laundry room. :)

I have started to put my decorating attention on the sunroom.
The other day I was out looking at patio furniture for this room.
Still can't decide if I want wicker furniture or two rocking chairs....the room is very small.

The sunroom is off the livingroom.

The paint will need to be touched up a bit.
And with some furniture and a pretty little area rug, this room will look lovely in no time.
Can't wait to enjoy some summer resting and relaxing in this sunny room.

It maybe a lot of work, endless hours, but homesteading and farm life suits me.
The peacefulness, the space, the chickens, the beautiful farmhouse, the property.
I not sure I could every see myself living back in a subdivision.


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  1. What a difference even a day can make! It's all looking lovely x

  2. It all looks so beautiful Diane. Everything is growing so fast and it will be interesting to see what is in the 'mystery' garden. I see chives there (cut the blooms off after they're spent). ;) The well house has some charm. Hang a horse shoe or bird house on it. The dark purple lilac is gorgeous! Enjoy.

  3. I love your sun room. Everything looks beautiful. The taller grass looked so pretty, and I thought it was done on purpose, because I've seen it done in photos before. Personally, I think it is pretty. Grass does not do well here, except in areas of irrigation. Sprinklers will work for awhile, but eventually after a couple of years, it becomes gross and weedy and you need to start over.

  4. Don't remove the clothes line. I can vision crisp white sheets flapping in the wind. Sleeping in the will be heaven.

  5. Thanks for the tour of the property and seeing all it's pretties. You will get everything done to your day....just not today. Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Beautiful pics! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Your very lucky enjoy each day my friend and continue to share very enjoyable..

  8. Such nice pics. A dream come true!!

  9. Farmlife is supposed to be slow! Don't worry about getting it all done right away :)

    Anyway, I think it's beautiful and that sunroom is wonderful. I can't wait to see what you do with it, once your get to it. You have great taste.

  10. Lovely tour. I love the chickens. You have a lovely place. I enjoyed visiting. It's been a while I am glad I came by.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Diane, I just discovered your lovely blog. What a gorgeous place you have! I can't imagine taking on a 2-acre property; you must have a lot more energy than I do!