Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring on the Farm

It is so nice to see Spring rolling into life here on my small farm.
My first spring season here.
Just as fast as the snow melted, changes, growth and loss started on this little homestead.

The trees maybe all bare, but new buds are starting to appear.

As the snow started to melt, it left pools of puddles, little pond like sections on my property.
  Luckily just on one side, the east side.  Good information to know when deciding on designing new flower beds and such.

 Speaking of flower gardens.  I am so excited to see some life popping out of the ground.

This patch of weeds is actually an abandon garden.

  Since I moved in last fall, I have walked by it a million times thinking it only another batch of tall grass.
Then I actually stopped and had a look, and happily discovered it was a perennial garden.

I have been steady clearing it out. 

As I have been spending more time outside, weeding the gardens, cleaning up the yard, raking, I have also notice large hawk like vultures hovering around the barn.
They appear to be keeping an eye on my chickens.
Not really having a lot of info on these huge things, I did a little research and discovered they are turkey vultures and tend only to eat dead things.
So maybe they are not necessarily hanging around waiting to prey on my hens.
Have been relaxing a bit with those things now.  And they are kinda cool to watch, so large, and they fly so graceful.

And speaking of chickens, I lost one this spring.
I think something got at it, maybe a turkey vulture or maybe not, but something did.

I have hired a team to cut my grass throughout the summer.
They will also be getting rid of that tall grass that was such a headache for me last Fall.

One of the most concerning happening this Spring was the partial collapse of the old barn foundation.
One morning I am heading out to do my chore, and it was down.

Here's what it looked like days before the collapse.....

 And here's what it looks like now.....

The bottom right section of the concrete foundation fell.
I dare say, one more strong gust of wind and that side will fall completely. 
I have been weighing out which route I want to take with this old barn.
Tear it down completely or try to restore it. 
 Before I have it brought down completely, I would like to get a few quotes on how much to repair, and go from there.
 I am also looking into hiring someone to install support beams for a temporary solution. 
Feeling a little overwhelmed. This breaks my heart completely, it was one of the main reasons I bought this house.

A few updates inside the farmhouse.

The guest bedroom is completed.
I stayed with a simple farmhouse style for this room.

 I am quite please with how it all came together.
Still want to add a few things here and there.

 It is such a soft, gentle and soothing room. 
I updated  My Home Tour with a complete source listing for this room.

So this is were I'm at so far this spring. 
As the season progresses, I will be keeping track!

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  1. Love the guest room...very soothing - here's hoping you find a solution for the barn

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. That's exciting to find new plants coming up in your gardens. They look like lilies or iris to me. We have turkey vultures here and they are ugly looking up close....not that I've seen one up close, just in photos. You could have had a fox that got your hen. I would get several quotes on different options for your barn. It's too bad but I'm sure it won't fall down yet. I've seen barns in a lot worse condition still standing but it does need to be fixed if you want to use it. I hope spring weather is finding you there. It sure looks green compared to here in NB.

  3. If there is a need to take the barn down, try to find someone who would buy it and dismantle it. I see companies that do that all the time on the TV. Sure would like to see it preserved but I bet it might be costly.