Thursday, April 16, 2015

Flower Power just have to have flowers.
Let's take a mini floral tour inside the farmhouse and outside.

I am still looking for a coffee table.
Just haven't found anything I like yet, in my budget price range.
I bought this coffee table at Walmart because I was getting tired of not having one.
And also because when my son comes home on weekends he likes to put his feet up on the coffee table
while watching TV.....just keeping it real! :)

A pretty white galvanized bucket I bought at Winners (TJ Maxx).

Heading outside I am super excited about this sea of new garden buds.
Spring has finally arrived at my little farm.  My first spring here.
Will be quite the show when they are all in bloom....can't wait.

Just bought some large trimming tree scissors and a wheelbarrow.
Am pricing out riding lawn mowers, but they are major money so am taking my time with this.
Although I can't wait much longer with the mower, have to get at that tall grass from last year before the new grass grows back in.

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  1. I love all your flower containers! Can't find the right coffee table...make that WalMart one into something spectacular!
    Lori from LL Farm

  2. Lots of promising flowers! Just have to ask how your cat is..have not seen it in the house or outside pictures!

    1. The cat was sort of inherited with the house when I bought it last Oct. She would make her way between my house and the neighbours house next to my farm. I have not seen Mrs Bingley since late Fall of last year. I truly hope to see her again back at my place this spring, her little cat house and food is there waiting for her, as it was all through this past winter.

  3. Good idea to use potted flowers, they probably last longer. Your dining room is beautiful.