Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Farmhouse - Six Months Later

 As I am putting this post together, I think about the last six months.
They went really fast, they crawled by slowly.
To say the least, it was a big adjustment.  A bigger adjustment then I would have lead on.
Sometimes I am so relieved to be living here, and other times maybe not.

 Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I am not enjoying my time here on the farm.
I am just looking back these last six months and how I have adjusted.  How I am still adjusting.
My whole life I have lived city.  Now I am in wide open spaces.

Let's have a look back - the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Financing and Closing
After a few years of renting a home, it felt good to finally purchase again.
But it came with a cost.  And it came with it's headaches.

Closing this property I had problem after problem.  I came face to face with greed on every level.
I paid astronomical fees to pretty much everyone involved in this transaction.
I was this close to walking away from the real estate transaction completely.
It almost felt like I made a deal with the devil just to get this house.
Farmhouse or no farmhouse.  When I sell this property, I will purchase mortgage free.

I was not going to mention this part of my farmhouse experience, but just wanted to keep it real.
It is what it is.   Yes having your dreams come true is doable, but sometimes at a cost....literally.

Making It A Home 
So now the real estate transaction is finished and I own it lock, stock and barrel.
I set out in no time to decorate each room.
Having started with pretty much nothing, it has taken me almost six months to furnish each room.
I am very, very pleased how each room came together.
If you want to take a tour thus far, click here.   In the meantime, let's have a quick look.

The living room being the biggest change.  When I first moved in I had one sofa to sit on, that was it.
I quickly sold it and rented a sofa and loveseat until I could pull this room together.
It took a few months, but I was surprised how smoothly it did fall together.
I am so in love with this room.  Very cozy, warm and inviting.

I bought this dining room set shortly after I moved in. Needing it for Thanksgiving for our family gathering.
Later in the winter I gave the chairs a much needed makeover.  
The dining room table I might replace simply because it does not fit us all when we gather.  
I have been keeping a watch on Kijiji and Craigslist.

When I bought this property it came with a chicken coop and six chickens.
These chickens were old. I wanted to start fresh with young chickens.
So I gave away the six chickens for free, and bought eight young ones.
Very happy with this decision.  They know me and I know them.
For the winter months, I converted a shed on the property and insulated it heavy with hay.
They were safe and warm during the harsh cold season.

Revenue From A Small Farm
I did a post here on making revenue from a small farm.
I was, and still am very serious about making money from my property.
I started selling my eggs at $3doz.  I have a steady client who approached me before I left for my
Southern winter trip about getting more eggs each week.  Her friends are starting to want them as well.
Taking that info, I want to look further into starting a small business in poultry.
Egg production - if that is the right terminology.
 I would start by getting Government information on the how to.
What are the qualifications.  Rules and regulations.  Government farming grants, if any.
This would be a project I might seriously consider.
 It surprised me how much I like raising chickens, and would consider it on a bigger scale.
Lots to think about there.

The Ugly
Yes, the creepy crawlies.
As with most farms, I had the mice in the Fall.  Mice do not make me squirmy, I know that they can be controlled.
We had a few and they were gone in record times.  Must insert here that while doing so, at times it was pretty comical.
 My daughter and I trying to outsmart the smartest mouse on the planet.  Remember him Rachel! lol

Ladybugs.....yuk.  Double yuk.
Went to Canadian Tire and asked the clerks which spray works best on these nasty beasts.
Happy to say, the situation is under control.

The basement scares me.....period.  The attic....forget it.
And that scary unfinished room off the back hall.....we shall never speak of it again.

In The Neighbourhood
On my street, I have very few neighbours.
My property is surrounded on three sides by farmer fields.
There is a brand new house to the one side of me, we are separated by the farmers field. I have meet her, super nice.
I have meet another neighbour, he has been very kind and helpful since I've moved here.
In front of and behind my property is all fields.

On the fourth side and fairly close to my property, are neighbours I am not so sure about.
The very first weekend after we moved into the house, they had a loud and roudy party.
I could ignore it for the most part, however at 4am in the morning I was woken with some loud, brash shouting. 
 I just moved in.  I don't know what to think. 
Also same neighbours.  Each weekend they are out shooting guns.
Guns scare the bejeezus out of me.  And these trigger happy neighbours are just a bit to close for comfort.
To be honest, this is the first experience I have had with guns this upclose and personal.  I do not know what to think.
While they are out practicing, or whatever they are shooting at, I stay indoors for safety reasons.
Each time I hear a pop, pop I pretty much slink into my sofa in case a bullet comes flying through the window.
This situation is just an accident waiting to happen.
While I understand that farm life may or may not involve guns at some point, I do not think this is normal farming practice.
 But I should mention, they leave me alone and I am good with that.
While not wanting to start a gun debate here, I am just documenting how I am feeling about this new experience.


The Street I Live On
This street is a truck bypass.  I did not know this until after I moved in.
It is also a bypass for the downtown core.  So there is a lot of traffic.
A lot of traffic for a country road.
Sometimes a problem for someone who likes her privacy.
Generally the first transportation truck will roll by at approx 5am in the morning.
On schedule, I wake up with it.
 I fall back to sleep, but after the quietness of the night, I now listen to each car that passes by the house.
Next farmhouse I buy, will be a quieter road.

So here is a log of my first six months.
I just wanted to put in writing, for myself, all the pros and cons of this property.
Document what it was really like....the good, the bad and the ugly.
Use it as a reference for future home purchases.
Up until now I have been listing all the pros, and there are a lot.
Everyday on Facebook I chronicle the here and now.  What is new and what I am planning.
But have never listed any real cons.  Which is just as important.  

I am confident that I got myself a good house with a strong foundation.
Good healthy bones. Excellent curb appeal.  Pretty to look at.  A good investment.
And down the road when I am ready to move on, I will not be a newbie homesteader anymore.
I will know realistically what to look for in a small farm.  And what suits me and my lifestyle.

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  1. Please tell me what you used for the ladybugs?! We have many and they come out on a sunny day.

    1. I bought Raid Max for Flying Insects. It works really well. Kills on intact and I also use it as a preventative every two weeks, I spray around the window sills and door frame.

  2. You have done a beautiful job! It looks like a restful place to live!

  3. YOU have to decide if the pros out way the cons Diane. At least the neighbors that are shooting and shouting don't talk or mess with you. We live in the country and have pros and cons also, but I love OUR little farm that we are creating! Your home (inside and out) is beautiful!
    Lori from LL Farm

  4. Thank you, thank you for this very real post!! It is great to hear about your experiences, we still are on the cusp on purchasing in the country and we love reading about all of this stuff! I would like to start off with chickens too, so glad to hear that you have had positive experiences with that!

  5. I was born and raised a city girl (Los Angeles to be exact) and having lived out in the country, when my parents moved me at 16, and then on my own when I was older.... both were quite an experience. Having lived in several places now, I'm happy to be in a small town now, but part of me will always miss the country.

    Some things I've learned:

    Business in the country is crooked. Period. And they are not nice to newcomers. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

    Old houses have some scary things in them including basements, but I conquered my fear with paint and decorating and telling the ghosts to "knock it off! I'm not going anywhere and you can't scare me!" when they kept making noises and it stopped (I'm not kidding). I don't know what is going on exactly in your situation, but if you spend enough time in those places, usually you become more comfortable. I had to be, since my laundry was in the basement lol

    Country people have guns, and a lot of them, depending on where you live, are very odd. See if you can't find out where they live and see exactly what they're shooting at and who lives there. Maybe even ask the neighbors that you're friendly with what is going on over there. They might just be an old couple with rowdy kids living there that have no idea what they're up to. Also see what the gun laws are in your town. Usually they're not allowed to shoot around houses.

    Anyway, I hope that helps. Your home is so darling, I don't think I could ever leave it and I hope you don't have to :)