Monday, February 16, 2015

The Living Room Mini Tour

The living room is starting to come together quite nicely.
So I thought I would post a mini tour of this room thus far.

 I snapped these pics with the morning sun.
You get a glimpse of the snowy background peeking through the sunroom.

Still to do with this room is a new coffee table, pic above the sofa,
maybe a new area rug, a few more throw pillows and I have yet to put up the third curtain.

I think it's looking kinda pretty so far!

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  1. I agree, Diane. I think it is looking warm and comfortable..Happy Monday..Judy

  2. Love the curtains, it all looks so peaceful! Great job!

  3. Love the curtains! Where are they from!?

  4. I'm loving your style, Diane. Your checked curtains really set the mood for the room and its wonderful farmhouse feel!

  5. It looks so pretty! I was looking at black-checkered curtains at Fabricland last week and wasn't sure. But when I see them in your room it just makes the whole room "pop". Where did you get your curtains from? Diane

  6. I think it looks like a really cozy room, especially in the morning light with the snow outside :)

  7. Looking good!!! Love the check curtains.......

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I bought some black-checkered curtains at Fabricland and I love them!! They make such a difference! You definitely inspired me so thanks for sharing! Safe travels! Diane