Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February on the Farm

I can't recall a time when the winter has gone so fast.
January just blurred into February.
And in all honesty, I have been a busy lady this month and last.

After Christmas I committed myself to start decorating the interior of the house.
And I am very pleased with the results.
Come spring I know I will be busy with changes outside,
so I have focused these winter months on how I want the inside of the farmhouse to look.
I have been styling my home a classic farmhouse, with a touch eclectic, industrial and vintage.
I am so pleased how it is all coming together, with my personality stamped in each room.
Things I love - colour with some white thrown in for good measure.
Treasured collections, old stuff and new. Family.  Country, farmhouse, horses.
Cozy, comfortable with a bit of formal blended in.

The new buffet I found on Kijiji for $100.
Beautiful piece, awesome score.

I try to stay focused on one room at a time - sometimes that works and sometimes not.

For a long time I struggled with the kitchen, it being a small gallery room.
In the end, I think I will leave it pretty much the way it is.
May change the curtains, the light fixture and add a warm, cozy area rug.
This collage below is just some thoughts I have been putting together, nothing set in stone yet.

So pleased with how the living room is coming together, loving my new buffalo check curtains.
As for the rest of the room, I have yet to buy a new area rug, coffee table and a pic above the sofa,
but will do so in time.

This month of February I opened The Olde Barn Photography shop.
A collection of my western, equine and country photographs for sale.

 Having done all this in the last few months, plus get orders ready for my upcoming wedding business season,
 I decided to take a break and go on a road trip.
Me and my new Jeep.

New small farm, new Jeep, the farmhouse, traveling.....these are indeed the best years of my life.
I maybe a fairly new empty-nester, and yes I miss my kids so much,
but something can be said about these years of your life.
And how the chapters of life are written by you now, and not some unknown author.
Life indeed is what you make it.

Anyway, back to the road trip.
Heading to California.  My daughter is traveling this year and we will be meeting up there.
I will be getting my complete route on the blog within the next few days.
And posting the trip on my Facebook page.
Would love for you to follow along!

Daughter Rachel in Nicaragua last week

When I return from my trip, I will be putting together a home tour.
So much has changed in just the few short months I have lived here.

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  1. I've enjoyed following along on Facebook and seeing what you're doing with the farmhouse Diane. Your road trip sounds fantastic! Are you driving alone all the way to California? I couldn't do that. I'd be asleep in the first hour on the road. LOL I'll look forward to following along on your trip though. Have a great day! Pam

  2. Love everything you are doing and your ideas for the kitchen! Such a lovely house:-)

  3. It looks spectacular. I love all the white and cream with the darker woods.

  4. Isn't it fun, all of your plans, and thanks for sharing all of your enthusiasm! Have a lovely jaunt!