Saturday, February 14, 2015

Best TV Couples

♥♥♥ Valentine's Special ♥♥♥

Every year on Valentine's Day I list some of TV's Best Couples.
With it being sweetheart month and all, let's have a look at who made the cut this year.

Jamie and Claire

He is a handsome Scot and she has fallen through a time path.
Love all the historical references and the Scottish scenery.
Should mention that if you have not watched this show, some love scenes are very...ummm,

When Calls the Heart
 Jack and Elizabeth

Hallmark tv show. 
Excellent period and family show. 
 Uptown girl travels out west to teach at a small frontier coal mining town,
and finds romance with handsome Canadian Mountie. 
This is binge watching material. :)

Mcleod's Daughters
Kate and Dave 

Two sisters, with their all female farmhands run a working farm spread in the Australian outback. 
Ton of romance in this show, but my fave was Kate and Dave, very cute love story.

Anne of Green Gables
Anne and Gilbert

Anne Shirley, Canada's sweetheart and the man who loves her, Gil.
The TV mini series from the 80's is a great adaptation of this PEI heartwarming saga.
My favourite show of all time.

Love Comes Softly
Marty and Clark

Hallmark TV series.
Tragic circumstances brought them to a "marriage of convenience".
Of the entire franchise, this was my fave couple.

The White Queen
Richard and Anne

Drama set during the War of the Roses.
Love that he loved her throughout his life.  
Most romantic moment...... "Do you love me Anne?"

Little Dorrit
Amy and Arthur

Fabulous miniseries based on the Dickens classic.
Another amazing BBC period drama.
Theirs was a gentle love.

The Office
Pam and Jim
And making the list yet again this year are these two.
They are just too cute.

♥♥♥TV Couples That Should Have Got Together But Didn't♥♥♥

 True Blood
Sookie and Eric

The chemistry was there, but unfortunately the writers didn't see it.
In the books they get together, but as such was the entire show, it was nothing like the books.

Gilligans Island
The Professor and Mary Ann
I thought for sure they were getting together once they got off that island.

Law and Order SVU
Olivia and Elliot
How it is possible that those two didn't get together?

Games of Thrones
Jamie and Brienne
If it wasn't for his crazy sister, this couple might have stood a chance.

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