Thursday, January 22, 2015

January on the Farm.

When we brought in the New Year, my goal was to seriously start
organizing and planning for the house decorating.

I put together collages and boards to help me along.
Shared them on my Facebook page.
Got some ideas and suggestions from my FB friends, family and friends.

  Helping me visualize what scenarios would look good with what.
I am spending time searching where to buy things.
Online shopping.  Foot shopping.  Shopping on Kijiji (Craigslist).

 Staying on budget.  Saying yay or nay to this or that.
Boxes everywhere.  House slightly upside down.
  Am I feeling at all overwhelmed....well maybe a bit.

 Also this month, I have been filling orders for my upcoming seasonal wedding business.
So there's that.

 And on top of all this, I have been vehicle shopping.
My own Ford Escape died on me just before Christmas.
And would you believe, this week I was all set to purchase a gold Jeep Patriot,
but on the 11th hour changed my mind and ended up buying this 2010 black Jeep Patriot.
A girls prerogative I suppose.

I am so ready to jump in my brand new (to me) Jeep and hit the road.
I even bought a few things for a spur of the moment decision.
The black lace thingy in the pic below is a beach shawl.
Texas is front row on my mind.  Always wanted to stay at a dude ranch.
Or maybe my Jeep will bring me to a nice warm beach.

But getting back to the house decor,  I am happily plugging away at it.
I am, for the most part, satisfied with my decisions for each room.
 Although the kitchen still boggles me.
So I have decided to step back a little, see how things come together for this room.
Take a small break in general from the house decor planning and organizing.

Also on my Facebook page starting this month of January,
we are following my globetrotting daughter as she sets out to travel 17 countries this year.

For such a quiet and dull month, life here on my small farm has been busy.

I check in everyday on Facebook and Twitter
Would love for you to follow along!

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  1. Wow! I can't wait to hear about your daughter's adventures!!!

  2. How exciting to be decorating a whole new house...what fun. Love your Winter outside pic.

  3. Your spur of the moment trip sounds like it's going to be lots of fun and definitely an adventure. Give the house time, it's looking wonderful so far, and I am sure whatever style and accessories you choose, your home will be very cozy and inviting.

  4. You have been busy and settling in along with decorating is stressful and time consuming. That is quite the tour your daughter is on! Someplace warm would be really nice so I think you should hit the road and leave the decorating for when you come home. : )