Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Choosing A Farmhouse Style

 If this house could talk.....
Since I moved into the farmhouse last October I have had a bit of a struggle with the decor.
It is proving to be a bit more challenging than I thought.
And it is surprising me, I thought it would be a piece of cake.....nope.
Not at easy as I thought.

I am looking for a design that is both farmhouse style and my style.
Yes I have my own style and tastes, but so does this house.  And sometime we are just not jiving.
It is a country farmhouse and should look the part.  Warm, cozy, homey.
 It gives me leeway for mixing things up, but for the most part it wants a quiet farm atmosphere.


I consider bright colours, white, lace.....the house calls for soft warm colours.
I think contemporary style rugs, but braided rugs would suit it better.
I love IKEA, but it wants vintage and classic.
I want to display all my collected treasures, it wants simple and fresh.
I want feminine and lace....and good news, so does it, so we are agreeing on one thing.
I want equestrian decor, and double good, the house does as well. :)

 I do these posts and collages to help myself decide.  To take a look at the overall picture. 
Sometimes seeing it on my computer screen somehow makes sense to me.
I get input from my children.  They may live away from home, but the farmhouse is still their home.
My daughter likes the modern, contemporary look, but horsey at the same time. 
Son doesn't care much for the decor, so long as he is comfortable....and close to the kitchen! lol
  I like to get thoughts from my Facebook friends....always get awesome tips and idea from you guys. :)

Let's have a look at some of the rooms.
Items I am considering for purchase can be found on my farmhouse wishlist Pinterest board.
(This is not a paid sponsor, just sharing my shopping ideas)

Living room

Choice A

Choice B

Have a look at both these collages.
I like both sofas, but trying to decide which is more farmhouse.
The cost is also a factor as well.  The first sofa is cheaper. My kids preferred this one.  
But the second sofa (choice B) is a mixture of both farmhouse and my style.
The price is double that of choice A - go figure I would like the most expensive one...yikes.

Looking at the overall picture, I am thinking that my cedar chest/coffee table idea may not work in this room after all.
May have to keep looking for a coffee table.
Love, love the horse picture.  Would put it above the sofa.  However very expensive. :(
I could go with a mirror, or a shelf above the sofa instead.


Bathroom is coming along nicely, just want to purchase a small white shag round area rug.
A wood slate blind for the window, and a wicker basket to go on the floor below the sink.

Master Bedroom

Can't wait for the master bedroom to be completed.
With my sleigh style bed, I thought the farmhouse ticking stripes would work.
With this scalloped edge coverlet.
Having problems finding this style wardrobe.  Can't seem to find it locally or anywhere online that is in my price range.

I am still working on this room.  Sort of puzzling for me.  Not a lot of space in this kitchen.
Too much furniture will make it squishy.  Want to keep it simple.
But looking at this pic below, it almost looks bare and cold.

Thinking either lace tier curtains or black buffalo check. A small cabinet in front of the window.
Larger braided rug should warm up the look of this room.
Undecided on the ceiling light.  It is not centred in the room.  Would like to replace the fan light.

Dining room I am happy with.  Will finish hanging the curtains.
Want to add curtain rings with clips for easy opening and closing.

So the shopping and the searching continues.
I am physically much better from my fall in December, so I can now start getting out.
I am renting a car, so I can get around until I can get my new vehicle.
And most importantly I am getting use to this house, feeling more comfortable.  Feeling at home.

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  1. Next to your kitchen window I envision a lovely pallet/ vintage plate rack/ wine glass holder/ spice rack thingy :) It would visually welcome you and give you more storage in a smaller kitchen. I am loving your palette, and the style you are going for seems to be coming together so nicely. Great job!

  2. The thing is, the look has to evolve; have been in our farmhouse 40 years and have had a long time to accumulate old treasures and a (very) few new upholstered pieces....I like the house to look as if everything was passed down through generations of my family, whether it has or not! And then we have the realities of tracked in mud from dogs and cats, bits of hat and straw from the sheep, horses and donkey and the odd bits from the chickens!

  3. I want a farmhouse now. I like your dining room and choice b is a good one

  4. I like choice A..the sofa is better suited to the house. Please visit Home Decorators Collection on line, they are part of Home Depot. They have inexpensive furniture choices that you assemble yourself. They have sales and sometimes free shipping......large collection of rugs. I've shopped with them many times and am always pleased. I bought a large cabinet with glass doors to house china in the dining room. The assembly proved to be too difficult for me, being just one person, so I hired a handy man and we did it together and didn't cost me much and I'm very happy!!!

    Also, Paul's Curtains is reasonable and have free shipping many times. I like them and got my living room check drapes from them. I really like the little black check curtain that you show for the kitchen. Have you thought of buying a table cloth and hanging it with hooks on a rod?? Very inexpensive!!! And it's takes time for a look to evolve........have fun!!! xoxoxo

  5. First I have to say, I love your farmhouse and property! I'm a new follower of your blog. I would suggest buy what you really love and what speaks to you and it will somehow all work together even if it isn't what you consider farmhouse style. If you plan it out too much it will look like you went to a catalog and picked from row a, b and c. Buy some old stuff at tag sales or auction sites, use things you have that you love and maybe purchase a new item here and there always keeping in mind I'll only buy it if I love it. When I think of farmhouses, I always think warm reds and yellows. Maybe you can incorporate that in the rug choices? For me, the rugs have too much beige/brown in them. Also I would definitely not get sofa b simply because of the rolled arms. They take up too much space in a small room. I love your little kitchen. What is to the right of that window? Is there room for a little table? I think a little color in there would go a long way as well, larger rug and pictures/items on the wall, maybe painted yellow. For farmhouse style examples, I would search instead of pinterest. Pinterest drives me crazy! You can even post a decorating question on houzz and people are extremely helpful! Sometimes very blunt but I find that very useful sometimes! Hope this helps!

  6. Hi Diane, I'm a new reader and signed up to follow you. I don't recall how I got here, but I also am new to a farmhouse and just moved (from Ontario to PEI). My house is not in the country but it used to be! I'm trying to figure out how to decorate, so will see what you are up to and hopefully get some ideas!

  7. Hello Diane,
    I adore your farmhouse. I think both sofa styles are nice but to extreme for your home. Have you considered the Howard style of sofa. Its design allows it to conform to various home decor. Its cushion configuration varies but the arm, leg and back lines stay the same.I'm looking forward to the transformation of your home. Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year Diane! I love both A & B but prefer A's sofa, have you considered IKEA's slipcovered sofa? I love the look and it seems to go with allot of styles. Your country home is gorgeous and you will get it done beautifully... take your time and enjoy the process.

  9. Love the styles you picked....especially the horse pictures :)

  10. Is the paint pure white, or kind of light gray? everything is so beautiful, thanks for sharing the pictures.