Monday, December 29, 2014

Top Post of 2014

It was the year of the horse.  Rodeos, cowboys and western images.
The year of homesteading and farming.
There was a move from the city to the country. 
All and all, a pretty productive year.
So let's have a look at the year in review with the most viewed posts.

January 2014
Backyard Farming
 You don't need a large spread in the country to have a farm.
You can create your own easily and economically.
Here are some ideas and designs to have a personal farm in your own backyard.

February 2014
Upcoming Hobby Farm Tour
The beginning of the year saw me still touring and searching for a little place in the country.
As in the previous year, I took you on all the farmette's I was interested in possibly purchasing.

March 2014
Mom, Maritimes and Marineland
You either love it or you hate it.  Marine mammals in captivity.
 I talk about my one and only experience at a marine amusement park as a young child.
Never to return again in my lifetime.
Not all creatures can be caged.

April 2014
Farm Tour #6
There she is.  Little did I know when I set out to view this property it would be the one.
Sweet red brick farmhouse with an old barn was on this small farm tour.
Lucky #6.  I put an offer on it and moved in Oct 1/14.
City girl takes on the country life.

May 2017
"He Stopped Loving Her Today"
Guess we all like a good love song, romance, George Jones and western images.
This high view post proves just that.
All images came from my tumblr blog

June 2014
Making A List Checking It Twice
Things are started to get pretty exciting for me as I make a wishlist for my soon to move into farmhouse.
To this day, I still use that list as a guide and goal for my decor plans and purchases.

August 2014
"A Single Thing In Mind"
Life for me throughout the summer is busy and the move is heavy on my mind,
but I still have time for Conway and a love song.
Again, all images came from my tumblr blog.

September 2014
A Dream and A Christmas Park
I may not have been born on a farm, but I got here as soon as I could.
So true.
In this post I visualize making a decade old dream a reality.
What my Christmases at the new farmhouse can be like, one light bulb at a time.

October 2014
Autumn on the Homestead
I had just settled in and started documenting my "firsts" with my little farm.
My first autumn, first chickens, first Thanksgiving.
I maybe a busy girl at this time, but I'm a happy one!

November 2014
First Snowfall
My favourite post yet, snow has just settled on my sweet homestead.
 It was a scene straight from a Hallmark Christmas card,
so I captured it on my camera and shared it with you.

December 2014
Christmas Home Tour
My first Christmas. Taking a tour and documenting my first Yuletide season at the farmhouse.

There you have it, a look at the year just finished.  My last post of the year.
Let's see what 2015 will bring for me and my little home in the country.

I check-in everyday on Facebook, love for you to follow along! 

All the best and Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year Diane! May 2015 bring you much joy and success!


  2. Such an amazing year for you! Have fun in the farmhouse in 2015!

  3. It's been an exciting year for you! Happy New Year Diane! All the best in 2015.

  4. Diane, what a fun ramble through your new surroundings. Your photos are lovely. Thanks so much for sharing. I saw your link at the Southern Hospitality party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  5. I love your new adventure into farm life! What a beautiful home.....loved all your pictures and look forward to seeing more! Hope your New Year is the best ever!

  6. Happy New Year Diane,
    It is so nice to see your chosen farmhouse. It will be interesting to see the progress your hard work will make.

  7. Wow! I didn't know that you had just purchased your beautiful home. I must have started following you just after that. So how was your first Christmas? This was our first Christmas in our little country cottage, too. I'm so happy that we had time to insulate it and put in new windows before winter, or we may not have made is this far. It is 10 degrees outside this morning and we are warm and cozy. We sold our old house and closed just before Christmas, then New Year's Eve we celebrate by going to the bank and paying our little cottage off. What a great way to start the new year, right:) We still have a lot of fixing up to do, but it is all fun and we have a huge supply of elbow grease. Please visit my blog and help we celebrate three years of blogging with a Give-A-way. Happy new Year, Connie :)

  8. Ahh, the first snowfall was my favourite too <3