Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Peaceful Blustery November

November.  I have been in my little farmhouse a little over a month now.
Seems like I have been living here for much longer.
My first month has gone by so fast.
And now I am rolling into my second here on the homestead.

Today I want to take you for a wonder around.
Have a look at what it's like this blustery gray day of November.
 The day maybe overcast, but it is quiet, peaceful.

 The trees are bare, waiting for the snow to cover them.  Settling in for a long winter nap.
What a change from a few short weeks ago when they were vibrant with colour (here).

I suppose not all colour is gone, there are a few evergreens in the mix.

I am up to eight hens from last month's four.
The shed was converted to a hen house, and the girls are enjoying their new home.

The project I am currently working on is PVC pipe feeders for the birds.
Have one completed and installed in the hen house, and working on another.
Will get the DIY tutorial up here soon.

 The kids and I worked on the hen house over the Thanksgiving long weekend.
Of course stray adopted cat Mrs Bingley was there to help.

I am glad I bought these hens young.
They are starting to develop personalities....if that's possible for chickens!
We have gotten familiar with each other, they are very comfortable with me, as I with them.
Whenever I am in the hen house, they gather around me....so cute.
Truth is, I think they think I have treats! lol

I have been slowly plugging away at the interior of my home.
 Trying to put my stamp on each room.  Although finding it is a bit harder than I thought.
What I liked last year, just doesn't seem to fit in this country home.
And I am still trying to financially recuperate from the move last month....so there's that.
I am making a list and checking it twice, on things that I would like and things that I need.

The dining room is falling into place.
Must confess I am feeling how dark everything is. A bit too much dark wood.
The room needs to be lighter.
I have yet to hang my new curtains, looking to buy rods....they're on my "to-do" list.
The curtains you see in the pics were here when I purchased the house.

With my sister coming to stay for a few days next week,
I concentrated on getting the bathroom fit for company.
  Simple and elegant.
Added the shower curtain, ordered it from Overstock.
  Still have to replace the window curtain with a white blind.
And want to get a braided oval rug for this room.

Picked up the vintage art on the wall from a thrift store a few months back.

The room that is taking a lot of my attention is the living room.
Can't seem to get a feel for it yet.
I had my IKEA Ektorp sofa in here, but felt it just didn't groove.

So I sold it.
I did however like the white idea for a sofa and will look at getting light furniture again for this room.
In the meantime, I have rented a sofa and loveseat from Easyhome.
Not really jumping up and down with this choice, but it will have to do for now.
Do need to have someplace to sit down.
In the meantime, I have a pair of white curtains that I will replace with these red ones.
See how that might look....may brighten the room up a tad.

So look for the before and after with this room next month or in the winter.
Have a few ideas for this room, just need to save my mula.

I am so glad you all have been following me along this homesteading journey.
At this time, at this moment, I am happy.
And as we start the month of November, I wonder what my home will look like at the end.
And how my farming lessons progress.
So stay tuned....

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  1. Looking good, will be watching for more.Francine.

  2. It's all coming together so nicely - love the dining room, the dining set was a great choice. Your sister is going to fall in love with your oh so sweet farmhouse.

  3. I wouldn't hurry doing it up. Let it evolve as you slowly find things you love at Charity shops, flea market, dumpsters(!), and antique malls....it will all start to settle in! Buy old furniture as you find pieces you absolutely love!

  4. Just beautiful, your home is lovely!

  5. I was so glad to find an update about your farmhouse in my inbox tonight! For some reason, I haven't been getting any for ages. I loved seeing your rooms. It looks very cosy and you'll make it yours piece by piece.

  6. Diane, I have been away from blogging a great deal, since my husband retired this summer. I just saw where you had finally found your dream home and I am so very excited for you. I am looking forward to following your progress, as you make it your own. How thrilling!!

  7. I like your little red hen. That is the kind I used to have before our town/city decided to ban backyard chickens.
    We had just half a dozen hens but they were good layers and the grandchildren loved to go out and get an egg that was still warm. I like what you're doing to your new home.