Saturday, October 4, 2014

First Week

I'm all moved in.
It is day three of the farmhouse as I write this post, just got internet service today.
I was very impressed with the moving company, not one thing was left behind.

It was just as I wanted, a simple and quiet move.
Exhausting, no doubt, but I am very glad to be here.

Like any move, everything feels foreign to me.
New house, new sounds, new community, new expectations of the house.

The first time I collected eggs from the chicken coop, it felt foreign.
I have never collected eggs before from a coop, they always came from the supermarket.

 First time I opened the coop's little door to get the eggs, there was one of the hens sitting right there.
It startled me and I startled her.
So I quick shut the door.  I came back later and gathered up the eggs.
Now I am a bit more relaxed around them.
And I always thank the ladies for my stash as I walk away.

First time I drove my new (to me) riding lawn mower, I didn't know how to stop it.
It is standard, and I was applying the clutch and brake at the same time.
Guess you're not suppose to do that.  Drove right into the shed....then the thing finally stopped.
My daughter, got it the first time she was on.  Think I will let her cut the grass from now on.

The first night I was there I sleep solid.
 I instinctively woke up early because I wanted to hear the rooster crow.
And at 5:40am I was not disappointed.
It was not a typical crow, but more like a musical note.  This rooster knows how to carry a tune.
The second night, same routine.  Very cool.
I think this is going to be one of my favourite parts of this new farm life journey.

My daughter put the swing together for me this week.

 The view from the swing.

Will be spending several more days unpacking and putting stuff away.
Oh the joys - in no hurry, taking my time.
Love being outside, I spend time with the chickens and of course, stray adopted cat Mrs. Bingley.

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  1. Good for you!! Blessings on you, your family and your new home.

  2. I'm glad you are getting settled in. It will be a lot of work I'm sure. I didn't know you got a full hen house with the deal. That's so nice to have fresh eggs every day. The view from your deck is wonderful. Have a cup of tea and relax and enjoy the view. Blessings, Pam

  3. What a lovely place. I am sooooooo jealous! I know how you feel about the lawn mower, I avoid mine whenever possible. Are you going to have a little "wild" corner for the birds, bees & butterflies?

  4. Well sleeping well in the new house must be a good omen! Congrats on being fully moved in. We've been here in our "new" home for just over a month and most of the boxes are unpacked. There is a small room here with some stuff that doesn't have a home yet - but like you I'm taking my time and enjoying "playing around" with each room. Can't wait to see the inside!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  5. So happy to hear the move went smoothly and that so far all is working out just as you wished for. This is going to be so much fun following your days on the farm - oh how I long for the same lifestyle, but DH not a fan. I do still enjoy some aspects of a farm even though I live in a residential neighborhood. My neighbor across from me has six goats, and the family next to our property has goats and chickens. Again, glad to read that you are moved in - looking forward to the house turning into your home.

  6. So glad you are in the house and it all went smoothly!!! Good sign that you are sleeping well!! Enjoy every moment.......

  7. So very nice!! LOVE your setting~~~all your outbuildings are too sweet! I love a simple life and will enjoy seeing you post about yours~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  8. Oh welcome to the country!
    Love the part about your chickens...and getting up to hear the rooster crow. How wonderful. When we got our rooster he was just a pullet (a young chicken) He began crowing on New Years Day... I kid you not. I told the Honey...he is telling us HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    well, it sounded just like it. I love fresh eggs will you.
    You're going to love it there-- I'm happy for you.

  9. Oh your view is to die for. Congrats on the move and new home.

  10. Diane, I am so jealous and so excited - I will have all this so soon too! Even the rooster to wake me up :)

  11. Kitties, chickens and a rooster...oh my! Sounds like you are taking your time, taking it in. Congrats :)