Monday, September 22, 2014

An Outside Walk Around The Olde Barn Farm

Today's post we are walking the grounds of my new farmette.
Last Friday we had the pre-inspection of the property - a final walk through with the Realtor 
before the actual purchase transaction.
Daughter Rachel came along.

As I was preparing for this post, I was stumped to what to call my new little farm.
Up until this exact moment, I have not thought about giving it a name.
Any suggestions?  For the purpose of today's post, let's call it...The Olde Barn Farm.
It does sound kinda catchy doesn't it!  Almost rhymes.

If you follow me on Facebook, then you have seen a few of these pics. 

Ok, let's get started....outside and around the property.


Side front of house, facing the road.
 I forgot to take pics of the front of the house, however will take more pics when we move in a week from now.

 To the right of the house, looking from the road.

I am thinking these two spruce trees will look beautiful with some lights at Christmas!
This property is so pretty it could be my long awaited Christmas park.  Read about it here.

The back of the house.

Nice deck to put a swing on, it faces the old barn.
The kids gave me one for Christmas last year, now I know exactly where it will go

And this is what I will be looking at.

Trampoline belongs to the present owners, will be gone by the time I get there.

Rachel having a look at the trees, trying to figure what type they are.
Holding newly adopted stray cat, "Mrs. Bingley".

I will be moving the fire barrels away from that location (left of the barn).
I want to look at something pretty, as I swing away on my back deck.
A garden bed would be just perfect there.

So, so far we have 1 farmhouse, 2 acres, 3 outbuildings, 5 hens, 1 rooster, 1 stray cat and a partridge in a pear tree! lol

Horses will be coming as soon as the fencing is completed.
 Even considering a few pigs.
Dogs will be arriving too....I am a little bit fussy about which breed of dog I want - golden retriever.
Will work on that after the move.

The back left of the barn.  The little red building is a shed.

There is another matching red building, a garage.

One thing I will confess that confused and worried me, was the tall grass.
Tall grass on one side of the property and the barn area.
In the spring when I first toured, the property was all manicured.
Thanks to some FB friends, they assured me that my riding lawn mower will do the trick.
I too will eventually have the tall grass, but will wait for the contained paddocks and the horses.
But for now, will have the manicured grounds. :)

Now let's talk gardening and flower beds.
There's only one.  Yup, only one garden bed.  That will change this spring.
But I look at this garden island and I feel like an Artist with an blank canvas.
Oh the possibilities, it makes me feel giddish.

And behold....rows of peonies....again giddy!

The one garden bed and the peonies bushes are to the left of the house.
That is my white Ford SUV parked at the end of the drive.  It's amazing on harsh winter roads.
Oh and speaking of winter....this year you will find me curled up in my nice cozy red brick farmhouse.  Can't wait to see it all covered in snow.

Oh hello Mrs. Bingley....corner right of pic!  She pretty much followed me and Rachel the entire time.

Hope you enjoyed this outside tour of my home sweet home grounds.
Move in date is Oct 1.  The next set of pics will be of the inside.
 I will be taking some next week when the house is empty.

And of course as I start to furnish the place myself.

I report in everyday on Facebook, hope you follow along!

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  1. Thanks for sharing pictures of the outside of your new farmette. It all looks wonderful and has a lot of potential for gardens, flower beds, a fire pit, horses, etc. One more week!! I'm excited for you and can't wait to see the inside again as you make it 'yours'. Blessings.

  2. So happy for you that everything is coming together and your dream is becoming a reality!!

  3. It looks wonderful... So excited for you..

  4. What an amazing property!!!!! I want land like that but I still need Target to be 5 minutes away.Gorgeous pictures!

  5. What a beautiful piece of heaven you have chosen!!! How exciting!!!

  6. The Old Barn Farm looks wonderful... And I love that Mrs Bingley has already adopted you.

  7. I am so so excited for you (and for me), Looking at all of this makes me excited for next year! Mrs Bingley is adorable!

  8. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop be sure to come back and share another :)