Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's All In The Details

The count-down is on for the big move to the farmhouse,
and I am starting to get very excited.
Movers are booked, and I will start packing next month.
In the meantime I have been collecting thoughts on how I would like the house to look.
Both inside and out.


I am in love with this painting, would be so perfect for us.
Better start saving my pennies.

Around the small farm, I am considering one of the outbuildings for linen storage for the business.
If that doesn't work, the basement is huge, dry and clean.
I have bought a few items off the present owners....including 5 hens and 1 rooster.
My first chickens ever!!
Also bought a riding lawn mower, material to finish the animal fencing around the property,
and one of those large square rain barrels/containers.

Inside the farmhouse, I think I finally got it right with the dining room
and have settled on a colour scheme and design.
My sister and I are emailing each other about Thanksgiving plans, second week in October,
 I move in beginning of October.  At present do not have a dining room table and chairs.
Feeling no pressure, just trying to stay focused.
So with a little bit of help from my Facebook friends, decided on this look.

 I will start to hunt for a pretty dining room set similar to the one above, on Kijiji.
I want to go with an ASCP Paris Grey, so I went online to get some inspiration and found it here
The curtains are from IKEA.  The chandelier is from Joss and Main.
Not sure if I will actually buy the chandelier from there, but want to get something similar.
Love the area rug, I found that at Home Decorators.  So again, will try to save those pennies.
One area of this room I am still trying to decide is what to put on these planks of walls by the window.
I suppose I will figure it out when I am actually living there.  It's a pretty large room.

present owner

Moving upstairs to the bedrooms.

In my last post about the house decor here, this is what I planned for my room.
Still trying to work on it financially, but fear soon I will be too broke to buy anything!
The wardrobe is already in the house, I just bought it off the present owners.
Will be painting it white, see pic below.

paint wardrobe white

Moving onto daughter Rachel's room.
I am going with this pretty warm country style colours.  Set is from Kohls.
Although she does not live at home, she will be adding to the room her dresser from her dorm.
 I will be painting that black and changing out the knobs.
Still working on the area rug.
Her room will have horse and travel accents.

With son Coleman's room, who also lives away from home on campus,
I wanted to go with a plaid, NYC style.  He loves both.
So I am considering this comforter set from Kohls.  I already have a few NYC decor I will use.
Will also add what he loves the most, vintage vinyl albums. Place them with a small bookcase.
Not sure what colour to go with furniture for this room, but thinking black.

Going back downstairs again, the living room I am pretty much sticking with my
original thoughts and plans.
My IKEA white sofa will be place strategically infront of the windows in the room.
And I will be buying a loveseat to go opposite that.
I have a light beige 7x9ft area rug for this room.
Buffalo check for curtains.
Large mirror or painting to go between the two sets of windows.

TV unit will also go in the livingroom.
Looking for a large wicker square basket to go on top.

 So as you can see, very excited about my new-to-me home.
Been crazy busy with the business this summer,
but not busy enough that I can't put some thought into the new place.

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  1. Oh, this is so exciting! I'm so happy you found your dream famrhouse... So sorry I'm so late blog-reading, but it's fun to come back to such good news!

  2. Diane - these are some great plans...I saw a very similar horse art piece at Homesense that would be easier on your budget this week, as well as some great square wicker baskets...I love the buffalo checks in the livingroom...can't wait to see what you do with the place. We are into the final weeks here before our move, so I know how excited you are to get started!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

    1. Thanks for the info Cheryl. Which Homesense, the one in London or Windsor?

  3. Your ideas for decorating this sweet farmhouse are wonderful!!! Can't wait for the big move and to follow you along on this exciting journey!!!!

  4. Chickens?! I am so excited for you - I would love chickens :) your plans look lovely x

  5. So excited for you.......love all your pics!!!

  6. So many good ideas! You'll be busy for months and months. I'm at the same stage, leaving our beloved Pondside at the end of September, but starting to get excited about decorating a new place.