Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Long and Winding Road

So I finally have the farmette I was so long looking for,
now what?

daughter Rachel

I am feeling happy about the upcoming move.
 I think the excitement will come closer to the moving date.
I am crazy busy with my business right now,
so the move is being pushed to the back of my, "things that are going on in my life" line.

There were a lot of areas of the house I did not show on my initial farmhouse tour here.
I showed all the pretty parts of this house,
but there are parts of this property that will be needing a lot of attention,
a lot of work, a lot of $$$.
And it will be a long and winding road to get to them.
So you have seen the good, let me now show you the bad and the ugly.

There is an addition that looked like it was started many years ago,
and then abandoned.
This is it looking from the back.
It's the white back part of the house.

This is the door from the inside of the house, leading into that addition.
The brown door.

And.....check it out, the inside.
Yuck.....totally unfinished and abandoned.

Mystery to me.  Looks like they started maybe an attached garage?
But whatever, it is a tad scary.

The only other major change, if I do any to it, is the barn.
 I think she is a beauty just as she is.

However, if I want to house any sort of horses or livestock
I would have to add a few boards here and there.

Let's have a tour inside the barn.  This is it's present condition.
Look at those old them.
Can't wait to tackle this project.

Looks like this barn held pigs at one time.
The pens are long and wide.
If I want to board horses in here, I would have to make the stalls smaller.

Part of my purchasing agreement is the present owner's stuff all be removed from the barn.
So hopefully I can have a fresh start.  A clean slate.  And a hammer!

 With the purchase of this house, all my savings will be gone.
I will be broke.
But if one thing blogland and blogging has taught me, is how to improvise.
How to build your dream on a budget.  And I plan to do just that.
It may take forever, but that's okay, then it takes forever.

You know when I think of my new farm, I should be thinking of
decorating the house.
And while I do think of the changes I will make with the house,
it is the barn I think about all the time.
And the horses.

And gardening.
 I think about where my new perennial garden beds will go.
Can't wait to start digging, get creative.

And that romantic hay loft.
Always, always wanted a barn with an old hay loft.
Maybe it's the summer, who knows.

 I think about sitting on that deck at the back, chillin' with the move behind me.
I can't wait for October!

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  1. Diane - these are exciting times!! I'm sure the plan will fall into place when its supposed to - congrats on having the courage to take that first step towards your dream! I am hoping to follow in your footsteps...we have put our house on the market this week and tonight we have an offer coming in - if its good we will be making our first step toward the ranch home we want for our retirement's a home we know well - the inside needs little work, but the yard and outbuildings need some work...I'm sending up prayers that we BOTH will be where we want to be very shortly!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. You will have such fun! All of life is an adventure, take it one day at a time and love where you are and what you're doing. Everything else will just work out on its own.


  3. Oh Boy! You have an exciting challenge ahead of you Diane. I wonder if the add on was an original summer kitchen maybe? With all the lathe on the walls it looks old to me. It might make a great family room I suppose. I'm glad the barn will be cleared out. There's a lot of stuff in there! Oh, and the old door in the add on would make an awesome door to that room or a table or a headboard for a bed. Lots of ideas there. I'm sure your mind is in creative overload when you're not working. Fun times. :)

  4. I'll follow this journey with interest, Diane. I love the look of your house - made me nostalgic for the Ontario farm country of my youth!

  5. It is filled with potential! I love it. It is going to be so so perfect!