Saturday, June 21, 2014

Making A List, Checking It Twice

Farmhouse, farmhouse, farmhouse.
You guys must be a little sick of me yakking about it!

Today's post is furnishing the farmhouse.
This honestly is more a personal post for myself.
How and what direction I want the furnishings and decorating to go.
Make a list, check it twice.

This past week I actually sat down and starting to price out
and pick out how and what I want to furnish my new (to me) farmhouse.
I opened a file on my computer and started listing, in separate folders my wish list, the store it is sold in, and how $$ much.
This way, I feel I have a concrete plan for when it is time to spend money.
I'm piecing it all together.

When I first bought the property I thought I wanted to decor it mostly white,
but when it came right down to it, I steered more toward warm country colours.

I will be trying to purchase most of the items before I move in in October.
Because after I do, it is broke/no more money city for this girl.  We all know how fast money goes.

I am working twice as hard to earn and pickup more clients.  I have a linen business.
 I want to pool this extra money towards furnishing the farmhouse.

I am liking my plan.  No, I am loving my plan.
This plan let's me step back and take an inventory of how I want the interior to look.
I am going for a country farmhouse look, french provincial style. Bit of white here, bit of Tuscan there.
I am shopping online and in store, comparing prices. Making a list and checking it twice.

Here's what I have so far, room by room.....

Living Room

this is the living room looking in from the dining room

The first time I toured the house, I knew that I did not want my sofa to go in front of the window as the present owners do.
The sofa was not symmetric with the room.
So I am looking at purchasing an IKEA Ektorp loveseat and two chairs.  They will face each other, placed in the centre of the room.

Right off the bat I knew I wanted buffalo check.  Black.
So everything just sort of fell into place with this decision.

Country Curtains

Area rug
Can't make up my mind about the colour, but I have a few options in mind.
Getting prices from Wayfair and JC Penny.

Deacons bench
Along this staircase wall I will put my deacons bench.

 Serving as both decorative and extra seating.
May or may not change out the colour, will wait until I move in to see what's what.
My bench is the one on the left.  Am thinking of changing the colour to distressed black.

Pillows for the IKEA furniture and the deacons bench.
Pricing out a lot of stores and Etsy shops.

Horse decor, wicker baskets, wire baskets, brass lamps.
I have a pair of brass lamps in my bargain basement, may give them a bronze paint makeover.

Dining Room

Currently I have no furniture for the dining room.
I have been scouring Kijiji for a specific look I want for this room.
Neutral and white colours, bronze here and there, wicker baskets.
Comfortable chairs, seating for 8 people.

 Fell in love with this light fixture from Joss & Main, but I don't know if they have it in stock anymore.

Saw this dining room set on Kijiji, would consider painting it white, with white skirting on the seats.
China cabinet white too.  Place wicker baskets and horse stuff on top.


So far I have just got my own decided.
Since the kids live on their own, I can pick and choose whatever I want for their rooms.
My daughter probably something white, or soft colours.
My son something solid colours, but soft toned to flow with the rest of the decor of the house.

Master Bedroom
I was originally going to go with a smaller room, but have since change my mind for the larger.
It faces out the front of the house, and for whatever reason that is important to me.
I am still up in air about the exact colour.  Red or grey.
I fell in love with both these bedding sets at Horchow.
Loving the toile.

Or, in the red.....

The room currently has a ceiling fan, but will be looking at replacing it with
a shaker style this one from Wayfair.
There are no closets in the bedrooms, so wardrobes it is.
And to accessorize the room, going with horses and wicker baskets.
Love this Laura Ashley horse lamp, bit pricey though.
Will keep looking around.


In the kitchen, going to keep it simple.

White with some sort of braided rug.
So far I have come up with either white IKEA or lace curtains.
The problem I am having with lace curtains, is I can't get them in the longer size.
Two white press back chair with a white drop leaf table.  Just big enough for!
When the kids are home will use the dining room.
I am wild over the light fixture from World Market.  Very different, very cool, but may not fit in with my country theme?

So this is where I am so far.  Feeling happy with my choices.
Of course, thing will change I am sure once I move in,
but for the most part, I love all these selections and hope to get them for the new place.

It really comes down to money and how much I can save before I move in.
I am a nervous spender and having a bit of a hard time with the prices.
However, having said that, this time around I am looking at things just a little differently.
I may just spend a little more with this house.  I am not a young mother anymore, with a young family budget.
I am 52 years old,  half way through my life and want to enjoy these years.  Spend a little more on myself and my home.
I want to start to be one of those ladies that goes in every Friday and get's their hair done.
I want to buy pretty clothes.  I want to buy pretty things for my home.
I want to buy things for the kids I could never afford before.
When I told my Mom this, she just smiled and welcomed me to menopause!  ha

 This  home I am buying I want to stamp my own style into each nook and corner, decorate with my heart. 

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P.S.  If you recogzine any of these images from your Etsy store or your company store,
chances are I will be paying a visit!  Your website is filed in my "things to buy and where from" list.
Let me know and I will give credit.

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  1. Love all of your choices, and I think the light fixture for the kitchen would look just wonderful. This is so exciting - I so enjoy sharing this journey with you!

  2. Great choice - especially the gingham, I love that! It is nice to do things just for you :)

  3. Great choices...all of them! Good for you! That light fixture for your were wondering if it's farmhouse...I think it looks kind of like a warming light for newborn chicks...very farmhouse! Thanks for taking us along! ;)

  4. Diane - your choices are lovely! I say AMEN to spending time and money on yourself...I am doing the same thing with "the new old house" that we just purchased...our current home was for my kids, this new ranch, while it is in the same neighbourhood, is now for us as we make our way to retirement...I'm not skimping on things - we were lucky that we have a generous renovation budget...there is no waiting to do what I want worrying about resale value...we are going to use this home as we see fit. I'm looking forward to see what you do - Congrats!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  5. I love black and white checks and I am making a skirt for my laundry room sink out of similar fabric. (Well, I plan to - I haven't started yet!) Great choices though! Love that look!

  6. I love your design choices, especially the buffalo check and toile. Suggestion for kitchen window treatment maybe to use a bamboo roll-up type shade in lieu of curtains, lends itself towards that country french look you are after. Yep, paint that bench! Happy shopping!

  7. Love your choices.....esp. the toile and Buffalo checks!! You might want to check out Paul's Home Fashions, online....they have great prices and free shipping on some orders. Also try Country Curtains, they have lace panels in all sizes, plus toile and checks, however they are very pricey!! Home Decorator's is another spot to visit, they have great rugs and good prices. What fun you are having!!!

    1. Thanks so much Cleo for this info always looking for ideas. Will grab a cup of tea and have a look at these shops. Your awesome! Hugs, Diane

  8. Congrats. It looks just lovely. I too always admire white/neutral colors, but I have to live in colour! I can't handle the all white interiors. One little thing (having moved many times over the years) maybe don't get to set on an idea. Once you move in, the house will tell you what needs to be - such as ah yes, the deacons bench wants to be on this wall not that one, or oh it is just aching for a splash of red (or blue or yellow - whatever.) It is funny how houses have personalities. Your's appears to be beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. How exciting for you! LOVING your choices so far! Dawn at Creative Cain Cabin has black & white buffalo check curtains and they always look SO nice! As for the MBR bedding, I'd combine the red AND the black & white! And YES to that light fixture!

  10. Good for you!! You go girl... Love how you are thinking ahead. So many choices. Yes I love the large buffalo print as well. Hard to find here in Ontario.

  11. I've been gone for awhile and lost you. I never get tired of your dreams. So glad you found the right place. I love your plans can't wait to see the new place decorated. I'll look at your other posts for more pics of it! Congratulations.

  12. I love everything you have selected so far!!! How fun to decorate your new home just for YOU!!!