Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Emergency Preparedness Week

This week is Emergency Preparedness Week - May 4 to 10.
A Canada wide initiative to increase awareness.
It could be a natural disaster, a catastrophic global event or simply loss of power.
Being prepared for it could make or break how you survive it.

 I started prepping approximately a year ago.
Here is how I started - click here
I breakdown my emergency survival in three categories.

1.  Home
2.  Bug out bag
3.  Vehicle


In the event we lose power, I am prepared for warmth, hunger and hygiene.
For at least 3 days, for 3 people.  Myself and my two children.

 Though both children don't live at home, I am prepared they will likely make their way here.
I buy and store food that we routinely eat.  Food that may or may not have to be heated or cooked.
If it does require heat, I have a BBQ that has a hotplate element.
Also can use it for cooking meat from the freezer, which maybe fast thawing.

 I have a small generator that allows up to 20 hours of small amounts of hydro.
I bought it at Canadian Tire for about $100.  You can buy them at any hardware store.
I also have an entire shelf of candles and matches.

I even have a small container of seeds.  There are 15 packages of veggie seeds.
This is my "just in case" section of my stash.
I don't want to think about any survival past 3 days, but you just never know.

Bug Out Bag
In the event that I have to evacuate my home, I have a backpack ready to grab and go.
I am prepared for at least 72 hours away from home.

Not only will you need supplies, but you will also need cash, a sleeping bag, traveling pillow
 and a fully fueled vehicle.
I separate it into 3 kits - personal hygiene, medical supplies and an outdoor kit.
My outdoor kit consists of:
{2 dishcloths, matches, Coleman glow sticks, deck of cards, 3 Coleman emergency ponchos, can opener, latex gloves,
 disposable masks, duct tape, pillow covers,  Coleman plastic rain proof match holder, super glue, batteries, tarp}
In the front pouch I have another deck of cards, 3 novels and a word book.

I also have a separate luggage bag ready with change of clothes.

The Meeting Place
If I have to evacuate my home I will drive to my children, starting with the oldest.
If the disaster is in the city where they are, they will drive home.
However, I tell my children, if the above is not possible, I will be listening for and heading to
the evacuation location that my local Government gives instructions for.
So will my children, and we will all meet up there.
If there is no evacuation centre, me and the kids have already determined a meeting location in advance. 
If we have time to text each other for confirmation of the exact meeting place, great.
 If not, and the disaster hits quickly, at least we have a plan.
1.  Home
  2.  Evacuation centre
3.  Emergency meeting location

I keep my vehicle fully fueled 24/7.   
I remember during Hurricane Sandy the hours of waiting for the fuel pumps.
Not only do I have a small Tupperware container full of supplies,
but I also have seasonal equipment as well.
What is in the small Tupperware container?  Basically a compact version of the bug out bag.
For the spring and summer seasons I have rain boots in my car and also a pair of running shoes.
For winter, in the event I have to do some walking, I have snow trax, they slip over your boots.
I bought mine at Canadian Tire.

You will also find these items tucked away in my SUV:
An empty fuel canister.  A folding shovel.  2 Flashlights.  Small toolbox.  Work gloves.
Rope.  First Aid kit. Garbage bags.

Your preparation stash is never really finished.
I am always finding new and better survival equipment.
Always rotating my food stock.

I follow my emergency prep Provincial and Federal Government on Twitter.
Ontario Warnings  and  Get Prepared

Other Informative Websites
In Canada -  Get Prepared
In the USA - FEMA
In Great Britain - GOV.UK
Red Cross  - Red Cross - Canada

While I am no expert in camping or emergency surviving,
I feel I will be well equipped in the event I have to live without modern and everyday conveniences.
I build up and improve my supplies all the time.  I educate myself on survival.
I have books and print-outs from the computer.
The key to a sane and safe survival is all about planning.
And in the event of a Global apocalypse I might just be able to survive it.

In the event of a Zombie apocalypse.....I'm doomed!!

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  1. You certainly are well prepared in the event of an emergency, Diane. I remember the post you did before about it. You are a smart woman! We recently bought a generator and we also have 2 solar panels and batteries etc. Just in case. We also have extra food but not like you have. And we don't have water. You gave us lots to think about. Thanks!

  2. What a great post !! I'm originally from South FL -- hurricanes have taught us that disasters are nothing to take lightly. Better to be fully prepared - hope for the best, and prepare for anything !! :)

  3. I would love to have something like this in case of emergency. We have nothing - and with the awful winters we have, we really should be more prepared.

  4. You are very well organised, and have given me something to think about.