Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hobby Farms - What's In My Price Range

As most of you know I have been looking to purchase a small hobby farm.
I have never mention price, but my price range is $200,000 and under.
I try to aim close to the $100,000 to $120,000 range, in order to have a low mortgage.
It is possible to get a farmette within that price in this part of Ontario.

 Every few weeks I take a quick look at the Ontario MLS Real Estate Board and see what is what.
If I am interested, I create a personal folder on my computer for a possible tour or future comparison.
So for today's blog post I thought I would share some farms I am currently interested in.

Should mention - when I talk about outbuildings, I am referring to sheds, lean-to, barns on the property.
All pictures belong to the Realtor.
These farms are in the Sarnia area, all within about 100km where I currently live.

 This 1.5 acre farm I have blog about previously.
Love the country scenery.  No outbuildings.
Like this price.  However, at that price it will be sold in no time.

I like this sweet 1.5 story farmhouse.
Property sits on 2 acres.  Very lovely country scenery.
Only outbuilding is a small shed.  Does have a chicken coop, which is a bonus.
House appears to be in good shape.  Nice big country kitchen.

Here is a pretty red-brick farmhouse on 3 acres.
Awesome outbuildings, with a large shed and barn.
And again, the country scenery is spectacular.
Property has mature fruit trees.
But I hang back because of the price.

There is just something about this property, it is my fave at the moment.
I have a thing for older two story farmhouses.
Sits on 2 acres.  There are no pics of the grounds or the barn.
Although from the one picture, it looks to be pretty country scenery.
According to the Realtor there is a barn. You get a glimpse of it behind the house.
Home looks to be in good shape.
Again the price makes me step back a bit.

Last one to look at today is a pretty white, two story farmhouse.
Love pretty much everything about this property.
It sits on 1.27 acres.
The house is in good shape. 
It is one of those houses that have so many rooms, it seems to go on forever.
Large country kitchen.  Formal dining room.
Outside there is a large steel shed.  No barn.
Beautiful country scenery.
This house has been on the market for a while.  I have been following it.

There you have it.  Some farms I am currently keeping an eye on.
Hope you enjoyed this little country tour!

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  1. Oh they all look fabulous. I can't wait to see what you find.

  2. They do look wonderful! It's neat to see what is available and what prices are in other areas. You wouldn't be able to buy anything as nice as what you are posting for that price here in Texas. What a blessing for you. Can't wait to see what you choose.

  3. The brick house with the white porch looks very familiar! I'm sure I've seen that one before in my travels. Are these all around Sarnia? I can't believe the prices, maybe I should move back!!!

    Have fun shopping! xox

  4. Great prices. The price does go up when there are outbuildings. And if you had to put up a shed or barn yourself it could cost more than the difference between the lower priced one and the ones you like! And if the barn is in good shape then it might be worth the extra money. There's nothing like having an old barn in good shape. :)

  5. The second and the fourth are my favourite... on pictures! I learnt when looking for my cottage that pictures can be very deceving!

  6. They all look wonderful. Love old farm properties, but where we are in Ontario ~ these would be priced much higher. Where are you looking? Good luck in your search for your perfect farmhouse ~

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    2. Thank you so much the comment and visit. These farms are all within 100kms of Sarnia, I'm trying to stay close to this area.

  7. Good morning Diane! You have some amazing choices at amazing prices. The white house at the end seems really nice, maybe you could get a good deal if it has been for sale a while. The second home featured looks so cute, too. All of the places have potential in one way or another. The land is beautiful up there. I love a flat open space with some trees. ---- I dream of one of those type of homes myself. I just don't know where exactly. :)

  8. What lovely properties! Do you want to keep any livestock? It might be a good idea to check the by-laws and zoning as chickens might be ok but a horse may require more acreage. So much depends upon the municipality. Good luck with your search :)

  9. What lovely choices you have! I'm impressed with the prices too. Here in the Fraser Valley of B.C. the price of a similar property ( 1 to 2 acres with an older house) would be around 800,000. I hope you find your dream farmette soon.