Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Spring Day at the Stables

Yesterday I spent the day at the horse stables
with my daughter and mother.
The stables were my daughter boards her horse while she attends school.

A beautiful spring day.  Sun was shining and the temperatures were warm.
I did not bring my fancy camera, but did have my iPod on me.
So have a look at the images this little device took.
I did not edit any of these pics.

Two ladies in red.
Not sure why my Mom carried her purse around,
but as far back as I can remember, she has always had one on her arm.
Regardless of the situation.

The farm is finally starting to get a spring thaw.

Isn't she a beautiful blonde.

Now look how goofy she gets....

Daughter Rachel in the paddock rounding up her horse.

A very muddy field.

The owner of the stables not only offer horse boarding,
but are also a rescue shelter for some horses.

Meet Dijon, a very beautiful, very tall, majestic beast.
He is a rescued horse.
Dijon was scheduled for the meat factory,
until a woman bought him and brought him to the stable owners.

He is my absolute fave.  Follows me around around like a puppy.
Acts like a puppy.  Is so playful.  Loves attention.
This giant of a horse.

See.....he is trying eat my iPod!

Lots of mud, puddles of water and still some deep piles of snow lingers.
Rachel got a little stuck.

A valley of horses.

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful and I loved that Dijoin was saved!

  2. What a treat for me to see all those lovey pictures of my favorite animal...horses. I am like your mom, I always have a purse on my arm. Younever know when you need lipstick - ya know? Thanks for sharing your beautiful farm today.

  3. I cannot believe you still have that much snow on the ground! What the heck?! Gorgeous horses, looks like it was a fun day!

  4. So happy that Dijon was given a second chance! Such beautiful horse photos!

  5. What a fun day visiting the stables. Horses are such loving and inquisitive animals, great pics!

  6. Beautiful horses. Lucky Dijon to have such wonderful people pets. Some of his pics look like horse selfies!

  7. Great photos from your Ipod. Horses, of course, are perfect subjects. I would have a hard time leaving.

  8. Beautiful horses and pictures! What a fun outing!