Monday, March 10, 2014

Gone Ice Fishing

Over the next few weeks I will be quiet on the blog front.
I have a few things that will be needing my attention.

Updating you guys on a few things.
Remember the pretty blue farmhouse I was going to tour.
Never ended up going.
Was just too many bad vibes.
The biggest problem I had with this property is that the owners wanted a $2500 deposit to go with the offer.
I just found that a bit too rich for my liking.  Too risky for me and my money.

I know the deposit eventually goes toward the purchase sale, blah, blah, blah....
But what if something went wrong with the deal.
This lady does not gamble that kind of money.
Made sense why the property hadn't sold yet.
Most of us average Joe's are unwilling to part with our hard earn cash so quickly.
 I emailed the Realtor about this high amount,
commenting that this was unusual and too risky for me.
So I simply moved on, continued my search.

Good news, I have an upcoming date with this hobby farm for sale.
Finally, getting a little excited about this baby.
In my price range.  On a few acres.  Within my desired location.
Just off the major highway.

 Nice home, will have to do a bit of painting but that is something I can live with.
Only problem, there are no outbuildings.  :(
Will take lots of pics.

I also think I have a bad case of spring fever right now.
Feeling the need to jump in my car and drive.  Roll down the windows....try not to freeze!

And on top of this I keep screwing up my May class schedule and stuff.
I have had to run to my daughter a few times for help.  Her and the school.
So I need to really pay attention to what I am doing.
If not, I might end up in the Nanoengineering program.
Last time I called into the school she misunderstood which
Science dept I said I was in, and suggest a class in this program!
Kudos to those students, because no way I am that smart!! ha

Still battling it out with my new breadmachine.
Have done a lot of trial and error recipes.
Here is my success with banana bread....finally after several failed attempts.
Will eventually get the recipe on here.

 Daughter Rachel graduates University this coming Christmas.
And almost immediately she starts, what we are calling, The World Tour.
She is taking the first 6 months of 2015 and travelling.
Each country she will be accompanied by either her friends, her boyfriend, her brother or myself.
Looks like at this point I will be doing the Europe section.
I will stay in one country for a month, while she and a friend tour the rest.  
I am too be the European home base.  Am thinking France.
Can you image a whole month in France! 
The only places she has ruled out at this point are War troubled countries.
The year 2015 should be an interesting one.

Daughter Rachel and son Cole last year in the Arizona desert.

No worries, while I take my few weeks mini blog break,
 I will still be doing Pinterest and Tumblr.
Looking at pretty pictures always calms me!

 I will still be every single day on Facebook.
If anything, it is just to let you guys know I am still kickin' around!


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  1. Diane - have fun on your break...I will be out of reach for a few weeks too - we are travelling to some warmer weather!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. Loved catching up!! A month in France - oh, that will be heaven!! Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation and her decision to travel, before jumping into the "real" world! Everyone should do that!!! Good luck with the new farm house...

  3. Enjoy your time Diane! Looking forward to you coming back! xo Jen

  4. Have fun! A month in France sounds like a dream! Good luck with the farmhouse!

  5. That's great that she is graduating at the end of the year, and it sounds like a wonderful opportunity for travel!

    I thought that was Arizona. I'm guessing high desert off some road that would eventually lead back to Flagstaff.

  6. I was all excited about you visiting an other house and then I read "a month in France"! Really? Where? Do you have any idea?

    1. I wouldn't dream of traveling to France and not visiting you! Maybe I can help install your new kitchen. :) We are still discussing location, but I do know it will be the month of May.

  7. Love the property you are going to tour. It has lots more character than the one that requires the big deposit!

    Oh, a month in France sounds so wonderful!!!

  8. Looking forwards to hearing all of your news when you are done with the ice fishing :p