Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beautiful Places

The other night I was on my personal Facebook page.
I got distracted by something or rather, and ended up looking at the pictures I had on there.
Photos I had not looked at in a long, long time.
And I realized I have seen some of the most beautiful places.
All with my little family of 3.

Takes my breath away.

British Columbia, Canada

First time I ever laid eyes on the Pacific Ocean back in 2010.
Now I had been coast to coast.

London, England

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, USA

Washington DC, USA

Kennedy Space Center, Florida USA

Lake Louise,  Alberta, Canada

Forks, Washington USA
Yes, we have even visited where Twilight was filmed.

Detroit, USA skyline.

My favourite picture of my son and I.
This was taken just a few years ago....and then whamo he was 6ft tall.
Hmm red eyes....didn't have my fancy schmancy camera then.

Look at him today.
This was taken in California this past summer.
  Love the five o'clock beard Coleman....he didn't care, we were on holiday!

First time we laid our eyes on the Rocky Mountains, Canada 

And returning back home a year later.

My daughter the gifted Architect Engineer.
This was her last year in high school and she won top prize for measuring wind turbulence.
I was there for support.
Ignore the date on the pic, all my pictures with that camera came out with that date...grr.
Again with the red eye!

And a trip I will not soon forget.  California last summer.

World's Largest Bubblegum wall.
Yes it was gross, but awesome.
Son is like....let's take the picture and get out of here.  Daughter is fascinated!

 Now I have only 10 States left to visit and I will have done North America completely.
Better get busy.  :)

I have been blessed with these two wonderful people.

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  1. Where abouts is the second pic from the top? It looks so nice! Is it in Ontario

    1. Thanks Holly, the top three pics were in British Columbia. I have tons and tons of beautiful pics and memories of Ontario too! Hugs, Diane

  2. great pictures Diane - you have a lovely family and have visited some great places!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

    1. Thanks Cheryl for the sweet comment. I have been to some awesome places, just this weekend we are talking next trip! Diane

  3. I'm wondering what trip you are planning next...

  4. Love your photos! But, I don't like to be nitpicky, just so you know... Lake Louise is in Alberta, Not BC (British Columbia). Other than that, I love looking at your photos! :)

    1. Thanks for spotting that Heather. It was late at night when I did up that post, must have been half asleep! Loved Alberta and that ginormous mall in Edmonton! Hugs, Diane

  5. What a wonderful post Diane. You certainly have been to many places on this continent! I love the pics of your kids and how they've grown up so much. Also, it is nice to see the photo of Lake Louise in the summer.