Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Colour of Winter

Winter has arrived.
Christmas is all packed away.
Ice and snow squall warnings are on the evening news.
A cold front is coming in from the West.
Winter has arrived and will be staying awhile.

After the romantic colours of Christmas are gone,
I always look for colours around my home that will blend in with the winter scenery outside
and the cozy warmth inside.
For January I pick white and browns.  With a bit of taupe, beige, rustic thrown in.

For February the colour will turn red and pink, the sweethearts month.
March and April, pastel Easter colours.
May right through till the summer will be blue, for the beach.
September and October, autumn colours.
November and December the Christmas colours will be back once again.

But for now, the colour is white and neutrals.

What colour are you these cold January days?

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  1. I like your winter decor. I hope you stay safely inside while the temperatures are so low where you are.

  2. Diane, I love the colors that you chose. Your hutch looks so snowy, yet warm and inviting! Hope you new year is the best one, ever!!!

  3. Like you.. I just put out the brown and white dishes and put away the Christmas ware. Winter is white, creams, browns,and a bit of red.... I don't decorate for Valentine's Day. But summer we do whites and creams with some sage green... then fall's browns and neutrals, and once again reds and creams for Christmas.
    Luv yurt winter décor!

  4. I love that you do this and change to reflect the time of year - it has always makes me want to do it! I loved all of your displays last year! It does look lovely and rustic and simple now. I like it.

  5. Lovely colors!!! I'm enjoying some brown and white right now too and our first below zero temps, but no snow. Stay warm!!

  6. Your winter decor is lovely, I like the way you've styled your plate cupboard. Very pretty!!!

  7. Looks great Diane - I have packed my Christmas stuff away but haven't really done anything to creative since...kind of in a funk because of all this snow...I guess I have to resign myself that winter is here...stay warm!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  8. Am trying something new this year--going from Christmas decorations to Valentine's --hope to fend off the Christmas blues

  9. I like these colours Diane. They look very natural and wintry. I have white and red still and some natural with pine cones. That will go for about 3 weeks then I'll add some pink for Valentine's. But, I'm really looking forward to spring colours and pastels after that!

  10. I really admire that you change things up for the seasons! I do very little of that inside, but I really love your idea of seasonal colors.

  11. I love the nature elements in your basket! So pretty!

  12. Diane, what a gorgeous display! I am having a hard time putting the house back together after Christmas. Everything looks so sad! :) I am skipping winter all together and going to the "happy colors". LOL Enjoy your Sunday!

  13. Ha! I guess I do the reverse---when it is cold outside I like bright colors inside. When it is hot outside I tend to go with paler colors inside---but you never know, I might change ;-). Yes, I have a lot of bright reds thrown around right gives me a cozy happy feel. But come spring I may go back to more subdued colors least that is what I often do......but who knows!: