Monday, January 27, 2014

Farm Tour #5

When I looked back to my first farm tour, it was October of 2012.
A little over a year.
We have toured four small farms to date.
 I have put offers on two farms, but lost my bid both times.
You can have a look at them under "Hobby Farm" in the Archives.
I am still going strong in looking for something suitable. Still in no rush, biding my time.
It is at times, a frustrating practice.  But I am being practical.  Patient.
Looking for something that suits me, my budget and my goals.
Some months are quiet and there is nothing new on the market.
But then a farm comes along on the market and there is a spark of hope, so I go have a look.
Sharing the tour with you guys.

This weekend I toured farm #5.
A seven acre, equestrian farm. 
Three large outbuildings.  One small house.

First outbuilding, a show barn with 9 matted stalls 12' X 12', and room for more.
Huge wide matted alleyway.
Attached 50' X 100' arena.

Daughter Rachel with one of the horses in their stall.

The arena.

It was Arctic weather conditions that day, Rachel staying warm all wrapped up!

Heated tack room with arena observation deck.

Second outbuilding is a huge barn with big run-in, hay and equipment storage.

the other side....

Third building is a tack shop.

Rachel buying a pair of warm winter riding breeches,
she was very happy with this purchase!

The entire 7 acre property is double fenced with 3 board rail fencing,
3 grass pastures, several turn-out paddocks, round pen,
and an outdoor sand pen.


  The only problematic part of this tour was the very small, open concept 2 bedroom house.
I am looking for a larger home.  A cozy two story farmhouse style home.
It's 2 bedroom, there is 3 of us in this family.
Even if I though about doing renovations,
or putting on additions to this home it would take me a long time to be able to afford it.
I must be practical.
I am so very much in love with the grounds and outbuildings, it is hard to look past the house.
But I am a home body, I love spending time at home.
  I think over time, this would become too big a problem for me.

Let's have a look.

Rachel in front of the corn burning stove.
Don't ya just love her Halloween socks! :)

I will more than likely not take this farm.
I will take the day and do some more thinking.  Talk with the bank, get some numbers.

While I mull over this decision, let's hear from you guys.
Would you buy this farm as is?
Take the poll, I am interested in your thoughts.

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  1. There sure is a lot of farm there! I wouldn't know where to begin to take care of it all. But if you know farming and it's just the house holding you back - consider that one day you will be an empty nester. ( I know - shocking, but it happens to us all.) And, you may find that a smaller house suits you if you are busy with the farm. Good luck with this big decision! Barb

  2. I love that little house, but I only need two bedrooms and you need three, I say keep looking!

  3. I have been following and loving your posts for quite some time but have yet to comment until now. This is one big farm and I fear you would be in over your head with this one. Secondly, I agree that this is one small house which is very outdated. The livingroom is very tiny and the kitchen looks to be very inefficient. I too agree that one day you will an empty nester and wondering just how you would manage. Go with your gut, but I too say keep looking.

  4. Oh my life, you have no idea how fast I would buy that if I could! A heated tack room? I could stay in there soaping saddles all day long!! That said, I guess it isn't if you are in anyway unsure, I would keep looking too!

  5. Ps. the house is outdated, but that's what makes it right up my alley too I think!!

  6. Don't take it ! I can tell in your gut - you know it is not the one for you. When the right one comes along, at the right price ... you will know. AND -if you are a homebody, you want to feel comfy at HOME. We just moved over the holidays. We are older now and there are cosmetic things we can fix down the road (when we were younger - we would do it ourselves .... paint, floors, etc) But it has to feel like the right purchase for you. Best are SMART to take your time and think about your purchase - not just with your eyes----- but with your heart and budget too :)

  7. The barns are great and pretty big but the house is very tiny. For some reason your blog is not appearing on my blog roll lately. I came via Facebook. I'll have to check it out. Pam

  8. Keep looking, the right one will come along when you least expect it!!!

  9. With all that FARM, I don't think you will be spending a lot of time in the house! Small homes are easier to clean too. ;)
    If the price was right I would go for it!

  10. Wow--My daughter would love this place. I understand your predicament with the house, however. I agree with some of the others that when you get older it is often helpful to downsize. You don't need as much room---then again if you have grand kiddies it is frustrating not to be able to house them; but there are advantages to this too, lol. I am a real homebody. We downsized to a condo and I do not regret it---much easier to care for, but then again I like having a few different spaces in a home. We have two living areas and an enclosed porch and 2 bedrooms.....there is just enough room for us (there are 3 of us right now--a hubby and son] to be separated if we want to---but you do have all those buildings and exra work that comes with the place so I am not sure how much of a problem that would be for you. You could add on one big room if you could buy the place at the right price. We did own a 2 story, but I am glad to not own it and all the problems that came with its upkeep.

  11. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog hop, I’ll be featuring you, so please feel free to grab my Featured Button! Have a great week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick