Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Comfort Food

I want to thank everyone who left comments and participated in the poll,
 on my Farm Tour #5 blog post.
A whopping 82% suggested I keep looking.
And so I shall.

I will confess this was very tough on me.
I wanted the property so badly. 
I daresay I would have bought it.  Even though I knew it was not the right move to make.
I just could not see past the outbuildings.
I was glad my children were home for their opinions, support and wisdom.
In my gut I know it did not feel right, but my head was happily riding into the sunset. :)

I emailed the owner this morning and informed her I have decided to continue looking.

So I did the next smartest move, I made a batch of cookies.
Poured myself a large glass of milk.
Comfort food.
Will be honest, I am feeling a little quiet today.  Disappointed.  At odds with myself.

 I will think about and reflect back on this property, with my comfort food.
No regrets.  Something will come along.  It's just not here yet.

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  1. sorry you are feeling sad - I am one who voted for you to keep looking. I seemed from your last post that this little farm didn't really fit your requirements as well as you needed it to. As you said "your perfect farm" just hasn't shown itself yet...

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. Yes, you are right ! Something WILL come along, and when it's exactly right - you will know it ! Things really do have a way of 'working out', don't they ? The 'stars weren't aligned right' on the last one - but it will happen.......

  3. That house would be a perfect size for me. I want a little house with no more than two bedrooms.

  4. It was so special, but unless one of your family wants to run another business... it sounded like you didn't want to take on another business, and that the home was not large enough. You can always change your mind... Maybe the perfect one is just around the bend... XOXO

  5. Don't be sad.... the outbuildings were amazing... But the home was too small for you & your lovely family... something will turn up soon.... don't eat too many cookies (lol) Hugs May x x x

  6. Your perfect little farm will find you...when you least expect it!

  7. The cookies look wonderful and are the perfect thing to wait for the next dream cottage on the market!

  8. Diane, I can share in your heartache searching for that perfect property. After 2 1/2 years of our house being on the market and searching for our next home during that time, we came across a couple of properties that we 'thought' were perfect. However, looking back we knew that none of these properties felt right. On New Years Day this year, we finally accepted an offer on our home and this past Saturday, we found our next home and we knew it the moment we pulled into the drive. Everything about it, we loved. It helped that this time around in our search, we took the time to do a wants and needs list. Call me crazy but, it really helped us to stay focused. This home that we found hit 9/10 items on our list. Persevere, you will find that perfect property. All in good time.