Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Change Is Good....

I have been thinking of making some major and minor changes to my home decor.
I want a more neutral look.  Go with the white and browns.
Vintage and antiques.

So I am starting with the sofa.  I will be ordering the IKEA white Ektorp.
I know I want this, but am just a tad nervous to click the "order now" button!
My goal is to place the order this week.
I am actually quite excited about getting this new piece of furniture.
Never ordered furniture this large online before...wish me luck!  Or tell me your horror stories.


The other area I am concentrating is the dining room.
I know, I sound like a broken record.  I have been for months trying to find something I like.
I have to get my act together soon, I have a dinner party coming in a few weeks.  I will need to have seating for six.
What do you think of this combo?

I already have the dining table, but no chairs.

 I have arranged to buy these four IKEA chairs off Kijiji, $60.

 And I am thinking of buying two of these wicker chairs from either IKEA or JYSK.

 They are in the $80 a piece price range....bit steep for me.  I may still think about that yet!

Moving back to the living room area.  With my new sofa, I am looking at getting a vintage chair.
Have a look at these three.  I like them all, but can only get one at this time. Small condo=no space.
Like them....don't love them.
Vote which one you like.  Maybe a little help from my blog pals may make the decision easier?
These pics are from the Kijiji ads.
Be honest with me, pick "Keep Looking!" if you don't like any of them.  Your vote is anonymous.

Which one would you choose?

1.  Chair with ottoman.

2.  White chair.
**New picture, was blurry but owner sent a new clearer one**

3.  Taupe chair.

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  1. Diane - I have never ordered furniture so I can't help you with that, but I know many who have the Ektorp and are very satisfied with it! Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well for you!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. Do you sew? If so, I think chair #1 would look just great with a new all white or natural slipcover. I made my first slipcover this year for a wing back chair and ottoman and it wasn't too hard. I followed the six part slipcover tutorial from the Miss Mustard Seed blog and I am very happy with the results.

  3. I hope it all goes well! I like #1 with the ottoman. I also like #2. #3 is interesting from the side.

  4. Ok. I didn't need to comment. I guess my connection was slow to load to get the survey!

    1. Always, always welcome your comments! So glad I did the poll, really is giving me food for thought!

  5. My vote is for chair 1 or 3. I think chair 2 is to "stuffy", (even though I love it and it would look awesome somewhere else just not with the couch.) Chair 1 has character, would need to have a slipcover or reupholstered but it's cute. Chair 3 looks similar to the couch and would compliment it well. Good luck.

  6. I've been thinking about the same sofa, but the smaller version. I'll wait and see how your order turns out ;)