Sunday, December 22, 2013

Three Good Deeds

Every Christmas I set out to do three.
Three good deeds.

Yes, I know that good deeds should be done all year long
and I strive to be a good person and do whatever I can.
However, during the holidays I purposely set out to do three Christmas good deeds.


Here they were......

Good deed number one.
Girl gets hit by car.  Yes, it was quite the ordeal and I would have helped her regardless of the Christmas deed.
But nevertheless here is the story.
I was in Waterloo running some errands with my daughter, she attends University there.
As daughter got in the car and I was looking in my side mirror to leave my parking spot,
I noticed a person sprawled on the ground with a van in front of her.
I knew immediately what happened and jumped out of my car.  Daughter right behind me.
This poor thing was hit by the van while riding her bike.
She was covered in wet mud from head to toe.
She is in a hurry and anxious to hand in her written home exam on time.
And all the while trying to tell me what happened.
She was riding her bicycle behind the van when it sudden hit its brakes.  She couldn't slow down in time.

 The mother instincts kick in immediately,  just as fast as the Insurance Broker I once was.
I told them both to exchange each other insurance information.
Advised her to immediately go to the school's clinic or the local hospital ER to get herself checked over.
She had visual cuts and abrasions on her face and neck.
She kept telling me she was late handing in her exam and was so worried about it.
I told her to explain to the Professor that she was hit by a car, and I am sure they would understand.
In the meantime the driver is standing there telling her and I that it was not his fault.
And the poor girl was starting to believe him.  And I am trying to stay neutral.
 I told her that no matter who was at fault, she should still get herself checked over.
This is why we have insurance - for liability accidents such as this.
Finally it was my daughter who stepped in with one sentence....she told the girl she herself was hit by a car
 and should go to the school's clinic immediately,  that there could be internal bleeding.
I gave her both mine and my daughter's phone number and if she needed to talk with either of us, call anytime.
I also told her to contact her parents and let them know what happened. 
Good deed number one....done!

Good deed number two
I let someone go ahead of me in at the store checkouts.
I noticed the person behind me had only a few items, while I had a whole basket.
So I told her she could go ahead of me.  I made an instant friend, she was so grateful.
She was a young teenager and started to tell me her older sister was waiting outside impatiently in the truck,
telling her that she must hurry.
The nail polish she was buying was for the sister.
The teenager feared that her sister would get further impatient and embarrass her by honking the truck's horn.
We both laughed at this scenario and I assured that her sister would most likely not blare the horn,
she was being a good sister for running this errand, and her sister most likely appreciated her doing this.
As she left she paused long enough to thank me and tell me that it was very kind what I did.
I smiled back and said your welcome.
Good deed number two.....done!

Good deed number three (and four)
I had listed my dining room set on Kijiji(Craigslist) for sale.
I made arrangements that evening with a gentleman to view.
When he arrived he viewed the set, but I was sensing he was not interested.
I had no problem with that.  However he seem to.
I assured him it was fine, that it would sell eventually because I was getting a lot of inquiries.  
He ended up staying at my home for some 45 minutes talking with me.
  He was telling me that he just recently bought a house.  As part of the closing, he made arrangements and paid $2000 extra
to buy some furniture in the house.  When he moved in, it was empty.
The seller had taken all the furniture he paid for.
I felt bad for him.
After he left, I had to hurry text my son - he knew I was by myself while this gentleman was viewing the set. 
I was to check in with him within 30 minutes of this visit for safety purposes.  It's his police officer instincts!

Anyway about a week had passed and I had bought another dining room set.
I loved the table, but the set was not what I really wanted.
So instead of listing it on Kijiji right away I emailed this gentleman for first dibs.
He took one look at the picture I sent him and agreed to take it.


He picked it up this past weekend.
He did not however stay and talk for 45 minutes this time. :)
And deed number four - I loaned him my thick moving pad so the table wouldn't get scratched enroute home.
He returned it later that afternoon.
Good deed number three (and four).....done!

Three Christmas good deeds...done for another year.
And I am feeling absolutely great for it!


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  1. That's a wonderful tradition, and you got your quilt back too! I love it when one loans something and it is returned without asking.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much Sue. Yup, wasn't really sure I would get the moving pad returned, but low n' behold it did! ha Hugs, Diane

  2. I love the idea and challenge to yourself to do good deeds. So many times we get caught up in the moment, the holiday, the hustle and bustle and everything becomes about US! By making this promise, challenge or 'goal' for ourselves...we take the responsibility to think of others first and put someone else's needs ahead of our own.
    Taking the time to reassure and look after that young girl and the girl in the check out line may seem small...but it is an act of kindness. There can never be too much kindness in this world. The fact that you went out of your way to call the man back about furniture, I thought that was especially thoughtful. forgot one other act of kindness. Reassuring your son that you were ok. You could have NOT called him back, but you kept your promise to him, to reassure your safety...that was thoughtful too!
    We could all use this reminder to humble ourselves and put others first.
    That is the direction I'm heading for in 2014... Humility...not the chasing after--but the seeking to be more humble.
    Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks so much Pat for the wonderful comment and visit. You are so right - small deed, but big rewards! Acts of kindness go a long way! Hugs, Diane

  3. You've inspired me to try to do three good deeds of my own. Such a good idea. Have a blessed Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much for the visit and the sweet comment. It's funny when I started my Christmas deeds, I thought they would just be small turned out a combo of big and small! Have a blessed Christmas as well my friend. Hugs, Diane