Monday, December 16, 2013

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Christmas 2013
Home Tour

Each year I join in the Nesting Place
Christmas Tour of Homes.
Over 800 tours on time of year for blogging!
Some year, I hope to view each and every home, get to the very end!


But for today, welcome to my little Christmas corner of the world.

☕☕☕ ☕☕☕ ☕☕☕

This is my first Christmas in my tiny condo that I rent in Sarnia.
Space for me is very limited.
I had to carefully pick and choose which holiday pieces would come out
and which ones would have to wait another year.

the family tree

With the space I was working with and my years of collecting Christmas,
I was surprised and pleased with what I was able to spread around the house.

This holiday season I went with a more neutral and natural theme.
Very popular I'm finding this year.
Lots of bough, pinecones, white, tartan.

In the dining room, a snowy and sparkly silver tablescape.

 For the last few years I have been more and more shifting toward this look,
getting away from traditional Christmas colours.

 Although I still love red, green, silver, gold.

A recent furniture addition to my home, this antique china cabinet.
For now, it is all decked out for the season.

I am so in love with my Santa collection.

I so enjoy once a year, taking in their beauty and fine craftsmanship.

My daughter and son, both full-time students,
 just arrived home a few days ago for the holiday break
And will be home with me for several weeks.
I am very excited about their company.

On one hand you miss them so much,
and on the other so proud of them in school and what they are achieving.
Oh the joys of being a brand new empty nester!

my son winter of 2011

This year I did something a little different with my Christmas wish list.
I sent my wishes to my children electronically.
Making their shopping so much easier.
 All they have to do is pull out their Iphones and whamo,
there is a merry little list of what Mom is hoping for under the tree.

Very modern of me don't you think?
Sometimes, you just have to join the new modern digital world!

 I try to send something each day.
They thought it kinda goofy,
but had admitted they enjoyed a little relief from their stressful exam studying.
Plus, it brought them that much more closer to home.
You can follow along with my goofy Christmas list on my Facebook.

The china cabinet dressed in red.
With a few Santas and some prancing reindeer.

A snowy birdhouse.
Beside the birdhouse you will see a glimpse of Christmas flowers, a gift from daughter Rachel.
She knows her Momma loves fresh flowers!

This year I have labelled the holidays...."I'll be home for Christmas".
With it being my first Christmas as an empty nester, and looking forward to the children's return home.
I am so happy to have my babies back in the nest, for however long or short the stay is.
 Just as they are excited to be here as well.
They won't admit it but I think it has to do with all the home cooking, baking and junk food at Mom's!

So when I saw these hand towels while we were out shopping, I thought it fit right in.

Hope you have enjoyed my little home tour.
Christmas is just around the corner......we are relaxing and chillin' around the tree,
drinking eggnog and watching Christmas movies!

I hope everyone has a lovely season,
and from our home to yours....
a very Merry Christmas!


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  1. What a lovely home! I like the touches of Christmas throughout your china cabinet. =)

  2. Your home looks great Diane - I bet you are very excited to have both your kids home for the holidays! Your new china cabinet looks great decorated up - Hope you have a great Christmas!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  3. Lovely! I love your "decked halls" and special Christmas spaces. Can't wait to check out the rest of your blog, too. Christmas blessings to you and your family :)

  4. Hi Diane, I love all your decorations and your tree, so pretty. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  5. Oh, you asked to have George Clooney for Christmas. Shoot, I was hoping he would spend Christmas with me...

  6. Diane your home looks so beautiful all decorated for Christmas. I love your Santa collection. You have some really beautiful ones,especially the one in the canoe and the one with the wood skis. Real collectors items. I love your wood box on the dining table too. Very pretty. So, enjoy your kids and your cozy home and have a really wonderful Christmas week. Blessings, Pamela

  7. Diane, your home looks gorgeous for the holidays! Enjoy your kids visiting and have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs, Maria