Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Diana, The Last Princess

She and I could have been sisters.
We shared the same name, we were a year apart in age.


She was my idol as a young woman.
I loved her style.  She was kind and natural.
She was the perfect Princess,
an aristocrat daughter married into Royal blood.

Lady Diana with her father The Earl Spencer

She was the most photographed woman in history.
The most hunted.
Her fame eventually lead to her death.
She was too famous.


Her role in history has always troubled me, but at the same time fascinated me.
I write this post today,
 because I want to express my thoughts on how she changed the course of history.
Or rather, the way I interpret how she changed history.

Diana breathed new life into an old way of life.
She brought the English Royalty into the new age.
She was a royal we could relate to.
She was a style icon, she was beautiful, graceful and charming.
She may not have been born one, but she was a true Princess.
And her tragic death made us all realize that change was needed.

 I am going to skip over their beginning.
But only to say, that I honestly do believe at the beginning of their marriage,
Charles did love her, and eventually fell in love with her.
Diana was in love with her husband till the end.

However, there was a darker nemesis lying in their wake.
A destruction so fierce, it just could not be ignored.
This storm had a name.  Camilla.

....and she did, poor thing.

I question how much I can and want to say on this post about Camilla Parker-Bowles.
I do not want to offend any of my readers who may like her.
However, I want to be open and honest about how I feel about this part of history.

Diana and Camilla 1981

I lived through the era of their messy divorce.
I read the book on how Camilla treated Diana.
She treated her her horribly.  And Charles was too weak.
How she would go into their home at Highgrove and change around the furniture,
arranging things as if she was the mistress of the house.
Doing other cruel and malice things to her...calling her Barbie.
All the while as Diana was aboard or away, doing her job, representing the Crown.

Diana did not stand a chance.


Diana's history
 During the time of her marriage, Diana suffered depression, self-harm and bulimia.
No one on the inside helped her.
A cheating husband.
As a child, Diana's mother left her children and her husband,
 remarried and move to Australia.
Diana was then raised by her father.

A little bit of the love triangle history
Before he married Diana, Charles meet Camilla.
And most likely fell in love with her.
They parted ways and she married someone else.
A few years into Diana and Charles marriage,
 Camilla re-entered their lives.

The night Diana die.
So tragic.  Whatever controversy surrounds her death,
she was killed by an intoxicated driver.

Yes, the photographer that were chasing her,
did play a part and were somewhat responsible.
However it was their insensitivity immediately following the accident that was tragic.

 I have only ever seen one picture of her at the accident site, and even in death she is graceful.
It is said that as she lay dying, she pleaded for the photographers to help her.
They continued to take pictures.

Meanwhile, back in England.
I respected Charles and the role he played on news of her death.
He went to Paris and brought her body back home.

Prince Charles with Diana's two sisters in Paris after the accident.  Bringing her home.

This action gave me comfort.  It showed a respect for his children's mother.
It gave us a leader in the Royal Family that we could grieve with.
At the time, The Queen was no where to be found.
And yes, this Canadian girl did notice all the way across the pond.
However, in the end, I saw that incident as a grandmother consoling her grieving grandchildren.

 Diana deserved and was given a Royal funeral.

I am please she was buried with her title - Diana Princess of Wales.
In this lifetime there will only be one and that is she.
Until of course Kate takes over the title.
I only hope that when William becomes King that he grants his mother a Royal title.
 HM The King Mother, or at least HRH the King Mother.

Even in death, Diana is changing the future.
She changed the Royal family.  Brought it into the modern world.
She opened the doors to unavoidable change.
Good and bad.

Even I started to question the Royal role in our country (Canada).
But when Charles married his mistress, my eyes were wide open.

Charles, the future King

To this day, I respect Charles.
I think him willing and ready to take the throne.
However, too much is the Prince of Wales lead by his heart.
Which eventually may lead to his downfall.
Time will tell is he even makes it to the throne.


While I would welcome Charles on the throne, I do not welcome his wife.
Charles has assured the public that she will not be given the title Queen,
 but rather Princess Consort.
A statement that he makes while Elizabeth II is still alive.
A statement he makes to those of us who remembers his history with Diana.
However, I am going to guess that by the time he does exceed to the throne,
he will change everything up and grant Camilla the title Queen after all.
Who is to stop him?

Yes I suppose it is a love story, but it came with a hefty price.

When Charles came to Canada in 2009 for the first time with Camilla,
it was not received well in this country.
It was rumoured the PR people feared that no one would show-up for their arrival.

Canadian tour in 2009

So they gave the civil servants in Ottawa the afternoon off to go to the hanger,
 where their plane was landing.
Making it look like a lot of people came out for the event.

Compared to when Diana Princess of Wales first came to Canada.
Wearing our nations colours, red and white.  Hundreds came out to see her, waited for hours.
We were a nation smitten with this new Princess.

Diana's first Canadian tour.  Wearing our Nation's colours.

I wonder if Charles will ever get to be King of Canada?

Canadian trip in 2009

Will we Canadians and other Commonwealth countries allow another monarch?
Or will it all end with the death of Elizabeth?

**The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of 53 independent sovereign states. 
Most are former British colonies. The symbol of this free association is Queen Elizabeth II, 
Head of the Commonwealth.  This position is purely symbolic.  For a complete description go to  Wikipedia

Charles with the then Premier of Ontario

I wonder what the British think of Charles ascending the throne?

Maybe there is too much water under the bridge.
Too many costly mistakes, too much scandal.
The scandal and death that touched so many hearts.

After Elizabeth passes, do we want another Canadian monarch?
I can honestly say I am very torn.

On one hand, I would welcome Charles and/or William as King,
but on the other hand, as a citizen of this great country
I would prefer to see our dollars go where it is needed here at home.

 Do we need to spend millions on a royal visit?
How much does it cost to run the Governor General (the Queen's representative in Canada)?
Or each provincial Lieutenant Governor (the Queen's rep in each province)?

I know for a fact our Food Banks across Canada are experiencing problems.
Not enough donations, too many people in need.
Do you know how much food $1mill could buy?

Too many charities trying to help Canadians, but just not enough money in the kitty.
I can only imagine how much another $1mill could be stretched.

 Time will only tell what the future holds for the Royal family.
Diana may have had her faults....we all do,
but she did try to make a difference in this world.

 A change.
And I dare say, she made and never lived to see it.

Diana Princess of Wales
July 1 1961 -  August 31 1997

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  1. I am completely fascinated by this post. My family is from England so these events were huge with us.

    Forgive my ignorance, but I did not realize that England rules Canada?

    Princess Diana was everything you said and more. It was a great tragedy what happened to her and there will probably never be a answer that makes sense.

    Whatever Camilla was, and I tend to agree with your views, it was Prince Charles that let her into their home and their lives. She couldn't have done any harm if he hadn't wanted her to. I believe he is weak.

    Again, such an interesting post and great pictures.

    1. Thanks so much Debbie for the visit and the comment. I have just added a brief description of the Commonwealth Countries. It basically is a bunch of us former colonies hanging out and the Queen is the leader! Wikipedia explains it much better! ha
      Canada is an independent country, and the Queen is symbolically head of the country. Diane

  2. I agree with Debbie above, Charles is weak. He dithered about with Camilla when they were both single, and she got fed up and married someone else. He was then upset by Diana's popularity and acted like a spoiled brat, instead of embracing it. Let's be honest, all the Queen's children have turned out duds!

  3. Hi, What a beautiful post. I am from England and am only a year younger than Diana was, I loved her from the moment she came into our lives and followed her story from beginning to end. For me she was the most beautiful woman there ever was and did not deserve what happened to her, I can never forgive Charles for bringing that woman into their lives which destroyed Diana. I would like to think that Charles is never king and that the title is passed to William and that as you say he grants Diana the title she should have. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of our Princess that will live on in so many of our hearts for ever. Love Jill xx

  4. I appreciate your post more than I can say. You spoke what is in my heart.

  5. I have a huge box of Diana memorabilia and admired her greatly, her death came as a shock and was sad. Unfortunately I do have any respect for Camilla and stopped royal watching when Prince Charles married her.
    An excellent post, and it's nice to know others miss Diana as well.

  6. You have put together a thought provoking but very sensitive post. I agree with all of your comments regarding the beautiful Diana that we all loved and respected and also your remarks regarding Camilla and Prince Charles. It is a very dark period of history, the death of the lovely princess due to stupid picture takers. I do hope some of that has changed when it comes to her William and dil Kate.
    Beautiful post, thank you! I think we have had enough of the monarchy. Like you I would like to see the millions spent on keeping up the homes and representatives of the Monarchy put to better use here in our own country.

  7. Love the post. Love Princesses Diana. I share your views on Camilla. I do not like her. I do not like Charles. He is weak and he did wrong by Diana. I may have misunderstood but, I thought with his divorce to Diana, he gave up his right to become King. I think the throne should be passed on to William. I do believe we should support the Monarch especially if William takes the throne over his father. I think then and only then will we see some real change. I believe William will carry on what his mother started.

  8. Charles lived in a cloud of farts , so he married ugly Camila .

  9. Us Americans feel about Camilla the same way we feel about Sir Paul McCartney's one legged ex-wife. 100% disgust. As for Charles, he is one worthless human being. He lacks morals and character. He evidently encouraged Camilla's callousness towards his wife because he had to of felt the same way. What tops the cake is shoving her down his sons throats. They can stay in England as far as we are concerned. It keeps them from dirtying our soil. On the other hand, Diana and her sons won our hearts from the beginning. She is the Queen of Hearts and always will be. William and Harry take after their mother which is a blessing. Love goes out to Kate and the children as well.

  10. An interesting article, and I show no disrespect for the late Diana, however, I wonder if she had not been a very good looking photographic young lady would there have have been so much admiration for her. It is a shame that so much is put on ones looks. The Prince of Wales present wife the Duchess of Cornwall does not have that kind of beauty, but that doesn't mean she is not a very good person, who works very hard for the Royal Family. People who know her are charmed by her personality and honesty and devotion to the Prince of Wales.