Sunday, November 24, 2013

Opinion Roll Call

Calling all my blogging friends out there,
I need your opinion.

As you know I just recently bought this country style dining room set.
I am trying to decide if I want to make any changes to it.  And quite frankly, it is driving me crazy!
So I thought I would ask for some help.

Should I paint it white.
Should I paint it black.
Should I leave as is?

What's your call on this decision?



  1. What a dilemma!

    It's a classic style. Sort of New England fisherman looking. My mom gave a dining set to my sister that was very similar.

    Generally, I like wood, but it does seem heavy. Do you prefer lighter colors in your decor or warmer or a combo?

    I have always wanted my sister to paint hers, because she has a navy blue and white theme, but she hasn't, because of kids.

    I don't know about all white. I might do gray on the chairs and white on the table or the opposite. I also love Duck Egg Blue with white.

  2. Diane...this is a real opportunity to do something about stain the top of the table dark and paint the base either blue or grey and then paint the chairs white...or paint the base of the table white and paint all the chairs in different shades of blue...the possibilities are endless!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  3. If I can say a word, I woud paint it white, but I also agree with butterfly upper: chairs can have another color :)
    Good wishes

  4. I am one for white so that is my vote but there is so much more to think about. I would have to see the rest of your room to know for sure.

    Good luck and pain on. :-)

  5. I might also stencil the top of the backside of chair. Numbers are trending, but children will want the number one chair. Maybe everyone's favorite number?

    Also, there are so many interesting graphics on the graphic fairy. I lean toward that.

  6. Most would say black seems a bit heavy. Depending on the lighting...I'd say paint it black to go with the frame in the corner. I also like the idea of the chairs being a different color, so maybe if you go darker with the wood stain on the table and the chairs black?
    I'm all for living with it a while and until you feel the color that suits you. ;)
    --the indecisive one, Pat

  7. I'd paint both the chairs and table a creamy white and then add seat cushions to soften the look.

  8. Maybe if you're hesitating, it's time to compromise. You could paint the base of the table and leave the top with wood showing, or paint only the chairs. I used to have white chairs around a pine table and I loved it... Now, I'm not telling you what I would do because a) it's your home - b) I have the exact same hesitations about my own dining-room table and chairs!!!

  9. I think rooms are more charming when there is a mix of woods/tones/colors. I would stain the table top a deeper walnut color and paint the legs a lovely shade of pale blue pulled from your window treatments. I wouldn't paint the chairs, but lightly antique them with the same stain used on the top. (You can always add white cushions or slipcovers to change it up a bit.) It gives a country room a more "collected-over-time" feel and will make your set the focal point of the room. :-)

  10. I have something similar that I painted a deep charcoal gray with a caramel table top and we love it!

  11. I would paint the legs black. There is too much "wood" in the picture with all those legs against the wood floor. Every room needs something black in it and this would anchor the room.

  12. I just read all the comments and now am more confused than I was when I looked at your dining set. LOL I think I'd sit on it for a while and think about it. (on the chair not the table!) :)

  13. I would probably stain the top of the table dark and paint the rest white. J