Monday, November 11, 2013

Lest We Forget

To all soldiers serving their countries,
To the sacrifices you have made for your country.
We thank you.

Canadian Soldiers at War


 Mother Canada - Vimy Ridge Memorial, Vimy Ridge, France
Battle of Vimy Ridge Apr 9, 1917
On Easter Monday, four Canadian divisions and one British brigade captured Vimy Ridge,
 near Arras, France.  
The victory at Vimy was not without a price. with a loss of 3578 killed and 7000 wounded.
 It was a brilliant victory for the Canadians, who sensed a new national awareness.
Lead by Canadian Commander Arthur Currie's tactical creeping navigation.


Canadian veterans remember WWII Dieppe Raid The Raid on Dieppe, France, 
On August 19, 1942, was a crucial moment during World War II. 
Of the 4,963 Canadian soldiers who embarked from England for the operation, 
only 2,210 returned, and many of them never even landed in France, 
making the Dieppe Raid one of the most devastating and bloody chapters 
 in Canadian military history. 


 Leaving for Afghanistan.....

and returning home.

There are no words.
Lest We Forget.



  1. A beautiful tribute Diane. That last photo always makes me cry.

  2. Beautifully done, both words and pictures.

  3. An excellent tribute, Diane. I have been to the Vimy Ridge Memorial, it was a very humbling experience.