Friday, November 29, 2013

Designing A Dining Room

It has been a crazy last few days with the whole dining room thing.
And speaking of dining rooms, I have a vision.

 I have in my mind how I want mine too look in my new home.

 Back up a bit here, yes I am still on the lookout for a new house to buy....always.
A few weeks ago,  I took a small blogging break and was "gone fishing".
During this week, amongst other things, I had toured and put an offer on a small farm.
I was was a little tense and stressful.
I did not take any pics.....bad blogger!  I just knew in my gut I was not getting this property.
It was a nice enough house, the price was low, thus the multiple bids.

So back to my ideal dining room.
I have a vision on what look I want with my formal dining room.
This is a dining room set I saw on Kijiji (Craigslist) a while back.
Exactly what I wanted.
I saved the pictures.  The price is $950 for the dining set, china cabinet and buffet.
A good price in my opinion.

I would not make any changes to it, love all the pieces as they are.
Well.....maybe change out the seat cushions.

I had emailed her and told her how interested I was,
but didn't have the money at this time.
I would get back to her hopefully at a later date.
I have kept her email.  I have also to date, saved $400 for the set.
 I am dead serious about this.

Until now.....
I am starting to sing a wee bit of a different tune.
As you know, this Friday I will be picking up these 6 chairs.
Look a little familiar?
Not the same as above, but very similar and cheaper, I got them for $80, no table.

Immediately when I saw them, I knew they would look good painted white.
I may now have to switch my vision.
A white dining room. A cheaper dining room.  Maybe stain the table top for variation.
I love this white china cabinet that Tracy has over at A Comfy Little Place of My Own

Or Debra's kitchen is a good inspiration for me for white as well.
Common Ground

Here is another inspiration....


I still have this dining set that I was so indecisive about.

 But cool enough, I received an email from Darlene over at Jade Creative
giving me a visual to what this dining set might look like white.

I like.

Hope you guys are not getting bored with all the dining set stuff of late.
I have something stuck in my head and I just want to see it through.
And besides, after that "gone fishing" week, I need something to de-stress myself!

Let's see how far we get with all of the above sets.
So many dining sets, so few dining rooms!!



  1. I love love love that cabinet that is part of your dining set (the one in the last photos). What a beauty!!!

    Can't wait to see what you do!

  2. I love the gorgeous dining room you might want to buy and at $950, I too think it's a fabulous deal!!! I like the other painted in White for the breakfast room maybe. You will find a wonderful home you will love in due time, you'll see! Hope you had a great Tksgiving day.

  3. Not bored at all! I enjoy reading all the phases you are going through, because I want to do something with my dining-room later and I'm as lost as you are!

  4. Looking forward to what you decide to do with both sets of dining room furniture.

  5. I've heard it said that anything painted in white looks good. I have to agree, though it is always good to have something left in the wood tones even in an all white decorated room.
    Looking forward to your finished painted pieces.

  6. I love the white dining sets here. I think chairs are not fun to paint but sure worth it once they are done.

  7. Wow, lots of decisions to make! I like the chairs you found for 80. That was a bargain!