Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zombie Survival 101

Are you ready for Halloween?
Zombie films and TV shows.


Think you might need to learn basic survival skills in the event of a zombie apocalyptic outbreak?
Your in luck, you can get educated from various films, TV shows and literature.
Everything you need to know if the zombies begin to rule the world.

Poor Sophia - most shocking moment in The Walking Dead

Let's be honest, I am no expert.
Actually, I have zero knowledge if such an event would occurred.
So let's rely on a few films and TV shows for this very helpful
education in the event that zombies become a pesty problem!

The Walking Dead
 Smash hit TV show that deals with living and survival in a walker infestation.
Plus, fearing the living that have gone loco from this apocalypse.
And if they don't have enough problems with that,
they still must deal with everyday life and their own personal life crisis's.

Trust me, if anyone is good to be around during a zombie attach,
it is Rick Grimes....coolest cat in history!

Word of warning....avoid this man around zombies....

Oh yeah, he cools too....


The 28 Days Later film and it's sequel 28 Weeks Later.
I thought the sequal was better, not quite so violent.

 And it had cutie pie, Jeremy Renner.


A movie I haven't seen yet, but looks good...
World War Z


One of my faves, love the movie and the actor...
I Am Legend

What started as a cure for cancer, killed or mutilated the entire world population.
Loved Sam the dog!


In Resident Evil, the world collapses due to a man-made virus spread.
And apparently the dress code one needs to kick some serious zombie butt is short shorts and skirts.
I wonder if my cozy sweat pants will suffice? 
I have only seen the first Resident Evil, but there are several sequels.


How about some Zombie Funnies

If you can't have Rick Grimes during a zombie attach,
you will want Woody Harrelson.....he is the coolest guy ever!
Zombieland gives us detailed steps and procedures on how to avoid being eaten
 or attached by zombies....or Bill Murray.


Shaun of the Dead
 Simon Peg leads the way for survival during zombie attaches.
A romantic comedy, with zombies.
And apparently a good place to wait out the apocalypse is in a pub.  Sounds like a plan to me.


Everyone should have in their possession this successful zombie survival manual,
The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks.
A must have for basic one to one combat with zombies and recommended weapons to achieve success.


Yes, even we have this book.  My son has it and loves it.
He has had two actually.
The first one was signed by Mr. Brooks himself at a book fair,
but sadly was stolen from his high school locker a few years back.
He got his replacement book a few Christmas' ago.
Needless to say, my son is very prepared if we are ever hunted by the dead.


Additional Zombie Funnies


Enjoy this very funny video from The Ellen Show.
I have already posted this, but thought you might have another laugh!


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