Friday, October 11, 2013

Welcome to The Olde Barn

Yup, I'm at it again.
Change, change, change.

Hold onto your hats, many changes are coming.
And this is a good thing!
I am redefining my blog and my blog name.

When I first started blogging, almost three years ago,
I honestly and truly never thought I would make it past my first post.
I never took it seriously, let's just say I was experimenting with it.

But after my first positive comment and someone actually starting following this experimental blog, I was hooked.

I never really gave the name much thought at the time.  It was really just a random name I picked.
However, for a very long time I wanted to changed it to a more personal name.
Something that says.....Diane.
This is me.  This is my personal journal.  This is my life in black and white.
So I named her The Olde Barn.

I have a deep love of old barns.  Country living.  Horses.  Muddy boots and warm farm jackets.
Dogs running in their space.  Vegetables growing, flowers blooming.
Anything and all things country.

Daughter Rachel with friend

I even think of someday opening a small Inn.
At this point, very early in the stages....just considering it.
What a perfect name for an Inn.....The Olde Barn Inn.
Remember I talked about goal setting in this post, well this is another one of them.
A good way to make extra income.  Several years ago, I ran a bed and breakfast and loved it completely.
No worries for my guess, they will not stay in the barn, but a pretty and elegant home.

I will talk about, in another post, the mechanics of changing a blog name and buying a domain name.
But for today, I wanted to introduce you to the new me.....
The Olde Barn.



  1. Congrats Diane! Sounds like you have been busy working on some new things! I can't to join along on this new journey of yours. Love the new name!

  2. Wow Diane. I love the new name of your blog! Congrats for making the change this far into the game. All the best and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Blessings, Pam

  3. I really love the photo of your daughter petting the horse, and her outfit looks so perfect with the surroundings.

    I can't wait to learn and I love the name too! I think it's so neat how you have alternative sources of income.

  4. I do love that new name! I always remember the saying, "Nothing is permanent, except change"! You are bringing that saying to a new level! I am afraid to even change my header for fear that I will destroy something - lol!! I am using you, as my new inspiration - we "Dianes" should stick together, right???

  5. The name fits your style. :) I love your countryside pictures.

  6. It seems you put a lot of thoughts and a lot of you in the new name and I find it terrific!