Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thanksgiving, a Tablescape and Sisters

The best part of being and having a sister,
is a permanent lifelong friend.
No matter what, thick and thin.  Good times, bad times.
Great fashions, bad hair.

This past Thanksgiving weekend, my sister and family came to visit.
She is the best of the best.
We girls did some shopping across the US boarder (I live in a boarder town).
The guys stay behind and watch TV.

Left to right - BIL, sister, my son and daughter.  The Bluewater Bridge connects ON, Canada and MI, USA

 Our families enjoyed the park, and the boats on the water.
We cooked and exchanged recipes.  We took photographs. We watched TV.
We walked around the neighbourhood.
We talked and we talked.

Not beating around the bush, she comes right out and asks me....
"how's the Empty Nest thing bored out of your mind yet"
First we laugh, then I say....yes and no, it is what it is.

As we sit on the park bench watching our children, we enjoy a perfect day.
I talk about my children, she talks about hers.

We start to pour out our thoughts and stories.
Telling each other what weighs heavy on our minds.
 I talk about buying the farm, and my hopes of getting a small beach house down South.
She talks about her growing children, the business and the demands of all that.

my son and nephew

This is the sister I mentioned that goes to Florida every January for a few weeks vacation.
I told her that I want to spend four months of the winter down South somewhere.
In Florida or California.  Titusville, FL to be exact.
I tell her my health is just not what it use to be.  I react to natural gas, so furnaces are a big enemy for me in the winter.
I tell her how I am unsure about having to do the Snow Bird thing solo.

Truth be told, I think it is just the drive down and the drive back that is really bothering me.
For whatever reason.....I am troubled by this idea.
She asked why I don't just fly out....good plan, but I will need wheels to get around while I am down there.

my son, BIL, daughter, sister and niece

daughter and nephew

Bless her heart, she suggested that we drive down together.
She stays with me for a week or so, and when it is time to return home get one of my kids to accompany me back.
Very doable.
Isn't she clever.
Thanksgiving, a tablescape, a perfect day and one very dear sister!


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  1. Your table is lovely and each place setting is just perfect.

  2. Gorgeous photos! You have a great sister!

    Here is my two cents. Though I like the California weather and lifestyle better than Florida, Florida is a better deal than California. We left California, because the cost of living is extremely high.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! You are lucky to have a sister I have none.....I think family times are wonderful. I don't live near my family so my husband and I spend most holidays alone. I do treasure our family times even if it's just once a year. Your table is beautiful! I appreciate the memories of the day you have shared with me. Thank you. They are special and belong close to your heart.
    Blessings My Friend,

  4. A sister must be such a blessing Diane! I was the only girl :-( Your table and home are so warm and welcoming. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I will be sure to connect w/ your Facebook page so that I don't miss any of your posts!

  5. How awesome to have a sister so wise. What a great day!

  6. Diane,
    This is a beautiful post. I have a sister but she is NOTHING like yours..I wish she was..This sounds like a wonderful time together...
    Love, Mona

  7. Your beautiful post pulled at my heartstrings! How fortunate you both are to have each other! I've always wished I had a sister. Family is the best. My children are gone and it's just my husband and I, and it does get lonely sometimes! I loved your beautiful tablescape, the dishes are to die for! If we're voting, I vote for the east coast!!

  8. You're both lucky women to have one another. I was not blessed that way. But I have had wonderful friends as "stand ins."

  9. Diane - is is nice to have a sister! Good luck with finding the beach place. There is nothing like it! Your table is lovely - love the plate stack!

  10. Your table looks so inviting. What a blessing to have such a lovely family.

  11. Sounds like you really enjoyed your Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend as did I! Terrific tablescape - we both did "turkey centerpieces" - is it a Canadian thing??! LOL!


  12. Your table is lovely and so glad you enjoyed your family time together, now that was special!! You two are fortunate to have each other.....

  13. I love your tables ape! I think this is the look I will be aiming for in the future!

  14. Lovely pictures. sisters are such blessings aren't they? We share alot together. Looks like your sister is just what you need ;-)

  15. Great tablescape for Thanksgiving -you've got me thinking for mine down here in the states. I think you sister is so sweet to offer to go "both ways" on your drive to Florida! I bet you get a lot of a catching up done on that ride.

  16. At first glance I thought you were way ahead of the game with a Thanksgiving table, but then I realized Canada is ahead of us in the US. Enjoying a sister is a special treat.

  17. How neat Diane...I wish I had the same relationship with my sisters as you do with yours. What a lovely and relaxing Thanksgiving! xo Jen