Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mid Week Musing......

Technically I know it's not Wednesday, but here is my week thus far.....
It's been busy.
It's been productive.
It's been about Thanksgiving and family.
It's been about adjusting.

At the beginning of the week I dropped off my son at his new apartment.
He shares a house with 7 guys he attends school with.....yes 7 guys.
I am a little worried about this housing situation...we will just have to wait and see how that turns out.
I am doing my best to relax about the whole thing....but it's a challenge.
You know, it is true.....no matter what age in life your babies are, you still worry about them....period.
I think Coleman will do just fine.  And so far he is loving his new program.
 I am very happy about that.


I am content and happy for both my children, but must confuse I am feeling the quiet all around me.
Just recently, I had my two babies surrounding me for several weeks,
.....on our fantastic road trip to California,  and then they stayed at home for two weeks after that.
Now they have both left to live at their Universities and I am starting to feel the quietness of this house.
Maybe I should get a radio!

My sister and I are emailing each other back and forth regarding our annual get together for Thanksgiving.
Each Thanksgiving and Christmas our two families gather (Thanksgiving in Canada is in October).
We have always alternated houses to host these special dinners.
However, I am beginning to see a new trend starting where I will host both Thanksgiving and Xmas.

Boarder town Sarnia is a great city and there is always so much going on.
My daughter says it's a fun city, and she always looks forward to coming home to it.

This Thanksgiving my sister and family, will stay the entire weekend, as oppose to the usual day thing.....lovin' the idea!
Over the stay, us girls (she and her daughters, and me with mine) will go across the boarder into MI, for some shopping.
Then our families will spend another day watching the ships pass under the massive Blue Water Bridge.
After that, just hang around and chill with one another....swap family gossip and memories.

 And then of course, the dinner.
And turkey....yum....

So with this new change in plans, I have to look at purchasing a larger table.
This is the dining area in my tiny condo......

 When I moved into this tiny condo last May I wasn't really thinking of family gatherings and space.
And I sold my larger dining room table at that time as well.

So now I am looking to buy another one again.....if anything just until after Christmas.
I would keep it for the new house, but I already have plans for a certain look in the new dining room.
So after Christmas it will go.

But in the meantime this is the dining set I am thinking of buying off Kijiji (Craigslist).....

It has 8 chairs and 2 leafs, seating for up to 10 people.
Would work perfectly for our gathering....even add a few more chairs if needed.
It is listed on Kijiji, so should get it before it disappears.

Exciting blog news, I have just picked up LePage/Loctite as a sponsor!
Have a look at their websites - in Canada and the US.
Awesome, awesome!

I will be working with some of their products on DIY projects,
 and eventually move myself up to their home maintenance tool and goodies.
So look for an increase in DIY tutorials each month.....can't wait to get started.

Last week I bought a pretty four poster bed off Kijiji.
Traveled 157 km (98 miles) to pick it up.
A bit of a distance to get a piece of furniture, but I really, really wanted it.
Then I had the added dilemma of how to get the monstrous pieces home.
Wouldn't fit in the SUV, so on the roof it went....for a pic click here......

Here she is all setup at home....finally.
Now I am tired.....will leave it like that until daughter Rachel gets home on Thursday,
then I will make it all pretty.

Hope you guys are having a great week....mine is keeping me hoppin'!

P.S......just got off the phone with my son, he tells me his is living off Kraft dinner,
and asked if I could put a roast in the slow cooker for when he comes home on Thursday
......with some potatoes and a pie.
Guess they still need their Momma after all...eh!!


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  1. When they first move out, it is Ramen noodles for awhile. If he's having macaroni, he's moved up a bit from Ramen noodles!

  2. That will be a really good experience for your son to be on his own but with 7 guys in one place? Live and learn Iguess. Our son learned how to cook once he got out on his own. It was either that or starve. Your thanksgiving plans sound like fun. There's nothing like having a sister around on special holidays. I love the new dining set you are looking at. I hope you are able to get it. And, your new bed is beautiful. I also like your autumn photos you shared. Have a great week. Turn on the radio or the TV. :)

  3. I bet that phone call just made your day!! Well, I really enjoyed reading your post! I now have a small home with only 1/3 of my stuff and I'm loving it! We used to live in Mt. Clemens, MI and would cross the bridge to shop in Canada! Perhaps we have crossed paths. :)))

  4. Congratulations on your sponsor!
    !! How exciting for you.

    THose are some beautiful finds. I have not turned to Craig's list, but I'm pretty lucky with the vintage shops (not antique, because it is expensive).

    It's amazing what people get rid of. I just painted my giant armoire, and I am so glad no one wanted it due to size. Now, it is perfect in this home.