Sunday, August 4, 2013

We Travel Light

Very light!

Yup.....this is it!
For now anyway.

Here I go again, doing another post about our vacation next week.
A back to back post even!
So, if this is boring, just skip on over it and next week I hope to have some pretty travel pics for you.

But in the meantime, I am getting everything laid out with what we will take Sunday morning.
Up until the accident of 2011, my children and I were extensive travellers.
Even when they were little, they loved their road trips!  I was very lucky. :)

No GPS for this traveling family.....we do it old school!

Anywho.....we travel very light.
 I pack up a few things and buy the rest en route....simple as that.
I have always done this with each road trip we take, it just adds to the anticipation of the trip.
New t-shits, sun dresses, jammies, the whole kit and kaboodle.  
I think the kids like this more than the road trip itself....however they will never confess to it!  :)
I basically bring a tote box and fill it up with the gear you see above.  Our personal stuff, goes in this green bag.
This green bag has seen many a mile.

What goes in this little green bag?
My cute little polka dot toiletry bag.  Wet ones (for inside the car).  My foam curlers...getting a little bit personal here, 
 but I bring these so I don't have to bring my curling iron.
Yes, Diane in curlers....classic....the kids tease me to death!  giggle

I have yet to buy a toiletry bag for son, but I have started a few things for him.

We have made the decision to do a combo of KOA camping (for the boy) and Moteling it (for the girl and Momsy). 
For the KOA stays we will be renting cabins.  
It explains why I need two toiletry bags, the cabins don't have private washrooms, 
so we use the public.....hmm...lovely I know, but son is a camper and this trip is for everyone!

 I have packed my handy dandy cooking element and a frying pan.  To save on costs of always buying breakfast at restaurants, son will cook up his eggs and sausages.  Daughter and I will do fresh fruit and cereal.  Stuff that we can dispose of, continuing with our traveling light philosophy.
And of course, when we Motel it then we get breakfast at restaurants.
For lunch we normally stop off at a supermarket and buy a sandwich from the deli department.
For dinner, we bbq when we camp, and restaurant when we stay at motels.

Our beach towels match our beach flips.....son said he will use his flips from last year....he didn't want a matching set....don't know why!  :)

This little devise is for inflating things, like floating devices, beach balls....whatever.
Don't know if I will need it, but will take it anyway.

I do this with each road trip we take.  I have money portioned for each day and separate them with envelopes.  I try not to exceed that budget.
Since this is primarily a road trip, and we do not plan on doing or seeing any major attractions I am hoping we can stick with our "envelope" money.
I will be traveling through Vegas and would like to stop and see the sights.
But that city makes me nervous that I might use up every "envelope" in the pile!
Stick to the budget Diane!

And of course the camera.....don't go anywhere without that!

I want to thank everyone who has thus far left comments / suggestions of things to do and see during our trip.
I sincerely appreciate it.  Up to this point, we were just going to wing it.
But now I am armed with more information toward our destination.
The kids are actually reading all the comments, and are emailing back and forth with their thoughts about these activities.
We will do most of our sighting seeing along Hwys 1 and 101, spending a few days here and there in towns along the way.

Getting excited about the trip.  Can't wait to hit the road!




  1. You really know how to pack light! I love it! Can't wait to see pictures of your trip!

  2. What a plan you have! Bon Voyage!

  3. Have a great time! I am hugely jealous - no holidays here this year :( I love that single element cooker, I must look around for one of those for if we decide to go camping!!

  4. Wow Diane! I just read this post and the prior on about your big trip. That's a long drive girl. It sounds like fun and I think you are smart to travel light and pick up what you need along the way. Have a great time and be safe, my friend. Blessings to you and the kids! I will look forward to some posts on what you see. Hugs, Pam

  5. I think half of the fun is all the preparation beforehand. It all adds to the excitement. You are very organised. Looking forward to seeing pics of your trip, and remember to get a shot of you in your curlers!

  6. I think I'm as excited as you are by this trip!