Friday, August 23, 2013

Some Plates, Glue and A Winner!

Do you remember this post on my DIY garden plate?

 Super glue company LePage was giving away free glue for us to tryout,
with an added bonus of prize winners to three creative users with the glue.

Well the folks at LePage liked my little garden plate, and I won a product package!

And what a prize I received.
 A toolbox with home hardware supplies.
Let's have a look.....

Inside the toolbox, there were all kinds of goodies for around the house.
Carpenter glue, super glue, glue sticks, adhesive putty, Fun-Tak mounting putty and construction adhesive.

With the super glue, not only did I do a lot of repairs around the house with the glue,
 I also gave a bottle to my daughter to use around her home.  With five roommates, her bottle was gone in no time! ha
This stuff truly works wonders!

I had a broken candle stick, used the glue and now it is solid as a rock again!

And of course the garden plate art,
just glued a few pieces of china and glass together and voila, instant prettiness for my garden.  :)

Thank you folks at LePage! 



  1. congrats on the win!
    I've not heard of this glue before.
    loved the plate when I first saw it. Glad it's holding up.

  2. I like your garden plate and I love where you put it.

  3. Amazing! And I am still on the look out for a cardinal plate since your post!