Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sign Up Right Here.....

Just recently I was going through my Blogger Account Settings
and I came across information from the recently removed Google Reader.
I will be the first to admit I did not know much about Google Reader.
Actually, didn't know anything about Google Reader.
Well here I had 870 followers.
870 followers I didn't even know I had...... guess I am always the last to know!

So today's post I wanted to talk about ways that I can be followed.
And some new changes I will be doing with each social network I belong to.

The first is of course, Google Friends Connect.
Always welcome new friends in the blogging community.

Facebook is another.
I try each day to post something on my The Olde Barn Facebook FB page.
Either Pinterest decor, or what is going on in my life on that given day,
or  DIY projects I find and share from other Bloggers.


Another way to follow is Twitter.
For a long time I was not using my Twitter account.
However, these days I use it on a daily basis.


And there is also Email.
However, Email followers don't get the published post until the next day.

 I hope you join me either on Facebook or Twitter.
Any questions, shoot me out an email!



  1. I do like blogs connected to Facebook, because it is often easier to leave comments there.

  2. Well, since I don't tweet and I don't know if I'm connected to Facebook.....oh, I just admitted how dumb I am about all these things huh?