Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Was Stupid, But I Was Scared

Life lesson today.
See a doctor.

A few days ago I started to feel an irritating tingling in my right thump.
At first I thought it was simply a bite by some sort of bug I might have got while out gardening.
The next day, it extended into my arm.
By the next day after that, I had sharp pains shooting up my arm every time I went to pick something up.

I did not think it was irritable anymore, I thought it was much worse.
I have high blood pressure and I thought I might have triggered something into a stroke......I didn't know what to think. 
 But I pretty much convinced myself I was having a stroke.

All the while,  I was scared and didn't want to do anything about it because of that fear.

Finally late Sunday, I called my Doctors office, they have on-call services on weekends.
The nurse told me to get to the hospital pronto, I couldn't even drive she told me.
I got even more scared.

Finally at my local ER, wasn't even there 20 minutes when a Doctor comes around.
I was so scared that I started weeping, no not weeping sobbing.

And the Doctor was handsome to boot!  {just had to throw that in there....giggle}.

Anyway, he did some preliminary tests and eventually deemed me not to be having a stroke.
I had a pinched nerve.
He gave me a prescription, sent me home to relax and not use that arm until it heals.

The moral of my story......never let your health scare you.




  1. Hope you feel better soon! I did the same thing once and I had pleurisy..it was kind of embarrassing. :)

  2. I am so glad you are okay. Pinched nerves can be scary because they numb you. Take it easy and enjoy the rest of the summer, or what we have had of it here in Canada.

  3. So glad you are diagnosed and on the mend. Take it easy.

  4. I've had this, and it is a worry.. Mind you, as a former nurse I always come up with the worst possible diagnosis first! Did they give you any exercises to do?

  5. I am so thankful you are well-you had every right to be concerned with your high blood pressure. Smart woman to have it checked it out!

  6. Glad it wasn't a stroke! I can understand not wanting to go to the dr, too.

  7. I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious but a pinched nerve is bad enough. I hope you are feeling better! Take care of yourself!

  8. I am so glad that you are all right, even though a pinched nerve can be so painful! I have the best, best doctor in the whole wide world and I (almost) never put off going. I am more scared not to go - lol!!

  9. So glad you are okay! So much can be done in the first few hours if it was a stroke, that could totally change the outcome. If in doubt check it out. Denial is common but a scary thing. Take care of yourself.

  10. Ugh! Pinched nerves are not fun!!! Hope you feel better soon.


  11. A valuable lesson. Glad to hear it was not what you feared. Hope you get well soon.

  12. It must have been very frightening! I'm glad you're alright.

  13. I'm glad it wasn't something too scary after all. Rest a little!

  14. I am so sorry. Not just because you had the pinched nerve....but because you had that awful fear. Aren't we silly, tho? We live with the fear for days....wasted days.....rather than getting it sorted! I would have behaved exactly the same! I do hope that there is an improvement. Look forward to hearing! Joan

  15. Glad to hear that things turned out like they did...it could have been so much worse! All things considered, I am sure you were happy to hear it was "only" a pinched nerve.

    Take care!

  16. Feel better ... and never think it's stupid to see a doctor when it comes to your health. You did the right thing by getting checked out...xo

  17. I am so glad it was only a pinched nerve (only...jeesh)
    A big scare for sure. Who hasn't had that moment when they think that pain in their chest or head or stomach is something fatal yet women are notorious for not seeking medical care. The old taking care of others routine.
    Take care of those nerves.. and yourself.