Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 4 - 7 California Road Trip

Just wrapped up our three day coastal break in California.
Seen and did so much.
We drove along scenic, winding Highway 1. Spent time at the beach.  Went whale watching.

 Daughter and son on the beach in Santa Barbara watching some dolphins frolic in the water.

Elephant seals along the coastal Highway 1.

 Whale watching in Santa Cruz.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Now we head home.
2457 miles.

We stopped for the night in Reno.
Was going to visit the casino, but decided to go swimming in the pool instead.

From our hotel balcony....Reno all lite up.

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See ya in a few days!



  1. What a great trip Diane! Safe travels as you head back home...


  2. Wow! You were in a gorgeous part of California! Long, long trip home! How many miles do you drive per day?

  3. I have been on vacation and have missed some posts - I need to catch-up. I know you are having fun - beautiful photos!

  4. It just seems to get better and better!
    All this and seals as well! Wow. Joan

  5. The beaches look lovely, and what a treat seeing the dolphins. I can't begin to comprehend the distance of your journey home. From top to bottom of our tiny island is less than 900 miles, lol.

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog. It is exquisite.

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos of your trip.

    Safe travels home.