Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 2 & 3 California Road Trip

Day 2

Drove 739 miles from Des Moines, IA to Frisco, CO

Visited World's Largest Ball of Stamps
First glimpes of Rocky Mountains in Denver.


Day 3
Drove 682 miles from Frisco CO to Las Vegas, NV

Rockies and the Canyons are incredible.
Stopped at almost every lookout point.
We arrived in we play for a bit!
Tomorrow California.....finally!!

Viva Las Vegas!



  1. Oh so far! Hope you're having a blast!!! Is restaurant food getting you down yet?

    :) Can't wait til you get to California!!!

  2. Hello Diane
    Your vacation looks wonderful. We are heading down the West coast highway next January leaving from B.C. and ending up in Arizona. I can't wait to explore more of California along the way. Safe travels!


  3. Wow, you are moving right along! Enjoy the sights and safe travels to you.

  4. Amazing landscape. And now, I'm going to sing Viva Las Vegas all day!

  5. You've made it a good way so far! The Rocky Mountains look AMAZING! X

  6. I do hope that the journey continues to go well and impress. It must be really lovely if exhausting, to do that drive. Take care and enjoy!! Joan

  7. Long, long drive.........but some beautiful stuff!