Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 1

First day traveled 1058 miles from Sarnia to Des Moines, IA.
We have been stopping every two hours at rest stations for 15 minutes.  An hour for lunch.
Two hours for sight-seeing.  An hour for dinner and hotel finding.
1st night we stayed at Best Western, greatly over our budget....but it included breakfast.

First sight-seeing stop
Haunted Black Angel of Iowa City.
For information see the Wikipedia details here.

Was the monument beautiful?
Yes, incredible

Did we touch her?
No way

Did her eyes follow you?

Was she haunted?

Worth the stop?
Yes definitely

Any Howevers?
In this picture above, it looks like the angel has daughter Rachel under her wing.
Interesting...... is she a haunting angel or a healing angel?



  1. Goodness, that is a long way! I don't think I would have touched the angel either. No point tempting fate!

  2. That's a huge amount of miles in one day!!!!The angel looks haunting for sure-I read the Wiki page. How many more miles before your final destination? There's lots to see where you traveled.

  3. Welcome to Iowa! I use to live not far from the Black Angel. We always thought it was haunted but let's hope she has healing powers for your daughter! I also use to live in the Des Moines area. Safe travels!

  4. Thanks for taking us along, Diane, have a wonderful time!