Friday, August 2, 2013

California Vacation

We are going on a road trip!
A trip to California.
We are packing up the truck and heading to the south.
Our goal is Los Angeles.
City of movie stars!

This is our first trip to the Southwest.
We have been coast to coast in Canada.
And every State in the US except for ten.  Now I will be narrowing that number down. :)

So what can I expect for my first trip to the Golden State?
I imagine I will see tons and tons of movie stars.

 We head out next a week.
It is a 3767km, 37 hour drive.
I want to average about 12-14 hours a day on the road.
The three of us will take turns driving.

Our first overnight stop is Lincoln, Nebraska

In my favourite TV show, The Walking Dead, there is an episode called Nebraska.
So while I am staying overnight there,  I am sure I will run into Rick Grimes.

Back on the road again, 13.5hours later we stop overnight in Richfield, Utah

Great, I love Utah and I am so sure I will run into one of the Osmonds.
I will have to tell Donny and Marie that I was their biggest fan when I was 13!

Now finally, 7.5 hours later we get to our destination - LA.

Once we reach the coast, we will be touring historical highway 101 for the duration of our trip.
Mountains on the one side, ocean on the other......I so totally have my camera ready!


 Our final destination is San Francisco.  Then return home.

 This will be our first major road trip since the accident of 2011, 
so I don't know what to expect with my daughter's disability.
We may get all the way out there, or we may only get half way there.  
It makes no difference to me, I am just glad the three of us will be together.
Either way, she wants to give it a try!

 I am so looking forward to this family vacation!




  1. Sounds like a great trip! Your first nights stay puts you in my neck of the woods...about an hour and half from me! Have fun and drive safely! :)

  2. Oh, you will have such a good time!!! Safe trip!!

  3. You will love California! Make sure to stop in Monterey and go to the aquarium or just go out on the wharf to sample all the clam chowder and see the wildlife! Carmel is lovely too, as is Big Sur. The Spirit Garden in Big Sur is just lovely. My daughter lives near Monterey so we enjoy every trip we can. Take a drive on at least part of the hwy 1 that follows along the coast. It's curvy and crazy but the views are amazing.
    We will be following in a couple of weeks. Have a great trip!

  4. It sounds really neat!!! My favorite stops on the 1 are the overlook in Malibu, Santa Barbara beach walk, (though Ventura's beach with the umbrellas is pretty cute); Santa Barbara: mission and its downtown; Solvang (the Dutch town); Hearst Castle is neat, and there are some small towns with good food that one passes through. Big Sur, Carmel Mission, and the drive that one pays an admission too, and the town of Carmel by the Sea. The drive around Monterey Bay (I've been to all 21 missions.) I also like San Juan Baptista where they filmed part of Vertigo. Fess Parker's winery in Los Olivos is a nice stop too (good food and nice shop). Years ago, Fess use to be almost always in the shop, but he passed away a few years ago.

    It's impossible to do it all.; I've been up and down probably twenty or more times. Just pick a few things, spread out the activities, and take it slow at your family's pace. Drive safely. I just told you some of our favorites.

  5. Wow Diane, that surely is a long trip. I know that the roads in the States are much better than here in the Uk but even so....!! We went to California a while back. and did the drive from San Francisco to LA it was really lovely! I so envy you! I do hope that your daughter is able to relax and enjoy the trip and that her disability will not affect her enjoyment. I think you will all have a ball!! Joan

  6. Have a great trip!! If you come home via the northern route, let your Canadian blogger friends know!

  7. That is quite a trip you are taking. I used to live in your first stop, Lincoln, NE. Enjoy your travels on the road!

  8. It's going to be an amazing trip. I'm waiting for the pictures!!

  9. Have fun!!! LA is such a cool place and the Pacific Coast highway drive is one no one should miss!

    I'll be thinking of you!!

  10. Diane! I need to get busy. I am from the US and I still have 10 states to go. You put me to shame. You are going to love, love the California coast and I am a Utah fan, too. It is so different and Las Vegas is always fun! Have a safe trip - hope you make it all of the way!!

  11. Diane ~ have a safe and wonderful trip. California is just lovely.